2016.2.15 four rotor related information

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———————— 2016.2.15 ————————
Recently playing four-rotor, so the relevant information I will be affixed to the needs of friends for reference, if encountered in our trip to the mine can be more convenient.

Frame: F450
We later due to the Nvidia Development Board and aircraft connected together, so from the choice of rack we have to consider carefully, before to facilitate the selection is F330, but DJI genuine F330 discontinued, so Taobao F330 to test, after testing found F330 quite vulnerable, The rack is very easy to break in the post impact, so if the above is equipped with NVIDIA Development Board, then the cost of development is too high, once the machine can destroy the board, so replaced by the original version of the DJI F450, very strong, DJI product is really good, this is not covered.

ESC: DJI Original
Previously tried XXD ESC, but the first day after tuning the PID, the next day the parameter is wrong. Others have recommended good profit Rakuten, but in the elimination of xxd after the ESC or directly on the original DJI ESC, performance hanging crane.

Motor: New West Wanda A2212
At present is the new West, but because it is a dynamic balance do not good, so decided to change after the Spring Festival Yinyan Motor, DJI motor with a special paddle, can not be simply replaced, so at this point is still more popular choice.
It is said that the new West Tatsu is a lot of cottage motor a general term, do not know whether this statement is true.

Flight control: PX4
Pixhawk flight control is really hanging, pid adjustment, the stability of the aircraft can be said, rock solid.
Then the main work was put on the mavlink. Control the aircraft with the Maxlink protocol under the Linux system.
Mavlink can be downloaded to the Github.com/mavlink, because Pixhawk's nutty shell is nsh cannot open, so is directly programmed to compile and run.

Mavlink Reference:
1.MAVLink Tutorial for Absolute Dummies (PART1)
2.Overriding Remote Control from a custom GS with mavlinkhttp://diydrones.com/forum/topics/ Overriding-remote-control-from-a-custom-gs-with-mavlink

2016.2.15 four rotor related information

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