2016.3.21_table CONTROL "ABAP"

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Do a tablecontrol used to enter some simple data, you can make simple additions and deletions to check and change.

Look first:

Program Backbone

Define variables and select screens in top.

The table used is a self-built one, and the data format is basically the same as that shown on the Tablecontrol.

The program takes several parts and displays the part before the screen.

9000 screen. Tablecontrol's PBO and Pai are more unique and have loops.

PBO: Before the reality of the data to be displayed to display the processing, such as some fields are not editable.

Pai, each data will walk the function check_data, you can do a simple data validation.

Ditto, every piece of data will go modify_tab. Once the data on the TabControl is changed, the change information is linked in the current line.

The Add, delete, and save buttons are available on the toolbar.

Click Add will jump out of the small screen 100, on 100 can input some primary key information.

Delete the logic:

The saved logic:


The lower right corner of the binding Gt_out-mark is used to bind the selection results on the TabControl selection row, if selected, mark= ' X '.

2016.3.21_table CONTROL "ABAP"

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