20165111 2016-2017-2 "Java Programming" Seventh Week study summary

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This week's learning summary, write a little personal study reflection it.

Not afraid of teachers you blame, I have three weeks did not pay a summary blog. The reason I do not want to explain more: it is because of their laziness. The loss of the score is also my own choice, because I have to face up to their learning status, but also have the obligation to take responsibility for their own choices.

The first blog you asked us to make a "My Java Learning Plan" when I said

I'd prefer to count the number of algorithms I've mastered.

The first experiment, is to do programming problems. Because the topic itself is relatively simple, the algorithm is very easy to think out, so the main test is the ability to translate the algorithm in the Java language.

The topic I smoked was a relatively simple Fibonacci series, and the knowledge of the expedition was just a simple recursive use. Having finished this topic, I tried the subject of "Student performance management System"-because the management system was a big job at the end of our C language.

In dealing with this topic, I try to think about some of the problems in C that are solved in Java, such as "eat a carriage return" problem, in C language we have to use


Clears the buffer. In Java, use

Scanner reader=new Scanner(System.in);String str=reader.nextLine();


Scanner reader=new Scanner(System.in);String str=reader.next();

The former receives a carriage return when the string is received, similar to the C language


These can be resolved by locating the help document or searching the Web. Of course, there is no solution, such as: C language can be passed

int a;ret=scanf("%d",&a);

To determine whether the input data conforms to the type. But if you do something like that in idea, it just makes an error, and then the program ends.

Later thought the teacher has advocated the study procedure language "does the middle school" the viewpoint. In this, my understanding is: we need to always do, do more projects, think more about programming problems in the Java language to solve.

In this experiment, the teacher introduced some small principles of programming and some good programming habits. I think I'll have to think about it later in the programming. If the mechanics of the C-language study of Java translation without learning some features, it is better to continue to learn C language.

After a weekly summary, I decided to cash in on the plan: To solve a practical problem every week, to focus on what I learned this week and how it relates to the content of the textbook and the features of the Java language.

Finally make a small explanation: my git is broken, I have to rebuild a project, I have to re-pour the code. So the number of git you see is very small.

A little heartfelt words, written here, just peace of mind.

20165111 2016-2017-2 "Java Programming" Seventh Week study summary

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