20165.26 Network Engineer Learning Record

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1. A more advanced system than a computer network is a distributed system in which users can invoke any resource in the network or perform remote data processing by name and command. Without having to consider the geographic location of these resources.

2. The components of a computer network can be divided into two major categories, namely, network nodes and communication links.

Network nodes: End nodes and forward nodes

End nodes: Feeds and beacons (user hosts and user terminals)

Forwarding nodes: Switches, hubs, interface information processors.

Communication Link: Telephone line, coaxial cable, wireless channel, satellite line, microwave repeater, fiber optic cable.

3. Communication subnets and resource subnets

Communication subnet: A message composed of information is transmitted between the end nodes, consisting mainly of a forwarding node and a communication link.

The forwarding node is referred to as the Interface Information Processing machine (IMP).

Storage-forward communication: When the IMP receives the message and decides to give it to the host or to the next imp, the WAN generally takes this approach.

Broadcast communication mode: Mainly used for local area network. IMP is simplified into a microprocessor chip in the LAN, and an IMP is set up on each host or workstation.

4. The interconnection mode of the forwarding node is called the topological structure of the subnet.

Star Type (local area network)

Ring type (local area network)

Tree type (WAN)


Total Linetype (LAN)

Irregular type (wide area network)

5. Computer Network classification:

Local area network (LAN): Shared media, group broadcast

Wide area network (WAN): Shared media, packet switching

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): Shared media, group broadcast

20165.26 Network Engineer Learning Record

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