20165327 Learning Basics and C-language basic survey

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Learning Basic and C-language basic survey one, about skill 1. What skills do you have that are better than most people (more than 90%)?

According to the data, it should be a dash (50 meters a few times the average time of 6.5s), the last semester of the body test sprint in front of the class, we this age group is a better physique, which speculated that my sprint should be better than most people. In addition to talk about a learning aspect is English, a freshman English experience once Waterloo, then that winter vacation in English to write diary thought of words can not write out, a NCE2 of the article words every day at noon to see the time, from then on, English has always been my more confidence in the subject (dare not speak English level more than 90%, can only say that the college entrance examination than the same province 90% of the test better).

2. What are your successful experiences with the acquisition of this skill?

Sprint may be from childhood to high school insisted on running casing school training out (although I know this is a bad and risky habit). Of course, the explosive quality leap should be a summer vacation at home near the park in the result of morning exercise. The park has a long staircase of 288 steps, in the summer (except rainy days and not at home time) every morning after the basic exercise to run a ladder, from the first more than 200 seconds (the middle to rest) to the end of the holiday 47 seconds (not stop). Back to the study of English, it boils down to a goal and long-term persistence .

3. What are the similarities with the learning experience in the teacher's blog?

I feel that my "running ladder" practice and the improvement of English and the teacher to practice table tennis deliberately training have similarities.

Ii. A survey of C language learning 1. How did you learn C language? (Homework, experiment, textbook, others), what are the experiences and lessons of C language learning compared to your superb skills?

At that time to learn C language or other subjects, the class to listen to the teacher, class to do exercises. As a result of their own unconscious, usually practice because it is not mandatory so do not many, the experiment is also reference materials and guidance books on the code, the textbook code in the program to knock, but did not study carefully, before the final exam is a planned review, but because the usual foundation is not solid, the results generally. Compared with their own "superb skills", C language did not achieve very good results, or not from the heart to do, more is out of the angle (last time also said that the previous semester only to realize the importance of C language in the professional)

2. How many lines of C code have you written so far? What is the understanding? Quantitative change caused qualitative change, how to balance the quality and quantity?

3000 rows or so. Really understand the possible 2500 lines (because some difficult to understand the part is directly copied and pasted). In order to balance the quality and quantity, I think it is impossible to keep the quantity as the goal. Of course, every time the basic amount of practice to achieve, but really to understand that the practice of the things inside, but also to summarize the thinking.

3. Have you learned the C language, you divide the array pointer, pointer array, function pointer, pointer function these concepts?

Some of them are somewhat forgotten, finding the relevant data and getting the following results:
An array pointer is a pointer to an array, which is essentially a pointer;
A pointer array is an array of elements made up of pointers, essentially arrays;
A function pointer is a pointer to a function, which is essentially a pointer;
A pointer function is a function that returns a value as a pointer, essentially a function.

4. Have you learned the C language, do you understand the differences and connections between files and streams? How do I differentiate between text files and binaries? How do I programmatically manipulate these two files? 5. Have you learned C language, do you know what is process-oriented programming? What is the way it solves the problem? 6. What is a module in C language? Have you ever written a program for multiple source files? 7. Have you learned the C language, do you know what is "high cohesion, low coupling"? How does this principle apply to high-quality programming?
  • The above problems at that time to learn C language is not very clear, with the current basis from the Internet search answer is also not very clear, in the course of learning to add.
8. Having learned C, how do you copy the contents of array A into array B? How do I find the number 5 in an integer array a? How do I sort an integer array a (small to large, from large to small)? Write the appropriate program.
  • Copy the contents of array a into array b
#include<stdio.h>        #include<stdlib.h>        #define N 20        int main()        {                int i,a[N],b[N];            printf("请输入一个长度为%d的数组A:\n",N);            for(i=0;i<N;i++)            {                scanf("%d",&a[i]);            }            for(i=0;i<N;i++)            {                b[i]=a[i];            }            return 0;
  • Find the integer array A with no number 5:
#include<stdlib.h>#define N 10int main(){     int i,a[N],count=0,ret;    printf("请输入一个长度为%d的数组:\n",N);    for(i=0;i<N;i++)    {        scanf("%d",&a[i]);    }    for(i=0;i<N;i++)    {        if(a[i]==5) count++;    }    if(count==0) printf("该数组A中没有数字5");    else printf("该数组A中有数字5");    return 0;}
  • To sort the integer array a (small to large and from large to small):
#include<stdlib.h>#define N 10int main(){int i,j,t,a[N];printf("请输入一个长度为%d的数组:\n",N);for(i=0;i<N;i++){ scanf("%d",&a[i]);}for(i=0;i<N-1;i++){for(j=0;j<N-i-1;j++)if(a[j]>a[j+1]) //若要从大到小排序,只需要将‘>‘改成‘<‘即可{     t=a[j];    a[j]=a[j+1];    a[j+1]=t;}}for(i=0;i<N;i++) {printf("%d ",a[i]);}return 0;}
9. Write a program that counts how many lines of code your C language has written.

Since it is "statistics", I think it may be necessary to use the relevant knowledge of the file . The specific program does not, the idea: search oneself writes the C language the folder, statistics inside each C program's line number, in order, statistics one adds one inside the line number, knows to add the last file.

10. Do you know what a breakpoint is? Give an example of your own debug program.

After a breakpoint is set at a line of code, when the program is debugged, it automatically stops when the program runs to that line of code (when you learn C language, the teacher demonstrates this red dot many times) and then you can step through it, which is useful when checking the program.

Third, for the Java study each chapter questions:

1. Why use an interpreter to execute a program?
2.Java is it possible to operate on an address?
What is the function of the 3.instanceof operator?
4. What are the advantages of class and instance methods?
5. What does a subclass get from a parent class?
6. What is the difference between an excuse-oriented programming and an abstract-oriented programming?
7. Does the assertion statement function in the output phase of the last program can be removed?
8. How do I use StringTokenizer objects?
9. How is the monitor implemented via an interface?
10. What are the different types of objects created by different subclasses and what are their applications?
What are the ways 11.java can operate the database?
12. How can multithreading be used to better embody high cohesion's ideas?
13. How do I find the object of the socket?
14. What are the specific advantages and disadvantages of generic classes?

What specific goals do you have for the study of Java programming in comparison to the study of C language? How to improve the program design ability and develop the computational thinking through deliberate training? How do you achieve your goals through "doing middle school"?

I hope that through the "Java Programming" learning can basically master this programming language, second, the idea of programming can be further strengthened. Specific goals, you can write a more interesting program.
After learning each chapter to do the corresponding deliberate practice , strive to put forward some problems and solve the problem.
The learning process and learning problems and solutions are recorded through the blog and constantly reflect on the summary.

20165327 Learning Basics and C-language basic survey

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