201671010103 2016-2017-2 "Java programming" the second week of learning experience

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The time is really fast and the second week is over, but the knowledge points in chapter Three of Java are not fully mastered.

In Thursday, before the teacher's title, I was very successful in C and Java completely confused, in the problem, see the options are not sure of the right and wrong, such as: Java case-sensitive, if the case error, the program will not run out The identifiers in Java include the dollar sign but cannot use the Java reserved word as the variable name; the integer type in the data type also includes byte type Byte, which differs greatly from the C language.

In fact, I still do not adapt to the reverse classroom teaching method, because usually a variety of homework, want to seriously before class to learn the whole chapter of the content is indeed some difficulties,,,

201671010103 2016-2017-2 "Java programming" the second week of learning experience

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