201671010110 2016-2017 2 "Java Programming"

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In the sixth chapter of the study, the concept of deep copy and shallow copy is clearly understood. All constant members and base type properties for a shallow copy of a copied object have the same copy value as the original object, and if the member field is an object, the object reference to the object field of the copied object still points to the original object. Deep copy, all member fields of the copied object contain the same value as the original object, and the Object field will point to the new object that was copied, not the object to which the original object was referenced. In other words, a deep copy copies the object references that are copied once. In program 6.5 also made the comments deepened the understanding.

A lambda expression is a code block that can be passed, which can be executed one or more times at a later time. An inner class is a class that is defined inside another class. The outer class becomes the outer class. The inner class is primarily used for event handling. Inner classes can access members of external classes directly, including private members, but internal classes cannot be accessed directly by external classes. A local inner class cannot be declared with public or private access modifiers, and his scope is scoped to a block that declares a local class, and the local inner class can access not only the outer class that contains them, but also the local variables of the final type in the method. Anonymous local class is the use of internal classes without further step, adding only one object to create this class, without naming.

201671010110 2016-2017 2 "Java Programming"

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