201671010113 2016-2017-2 "Java programming" first knowledge of Java

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This semester to learn Java is the first time in my real sense to contact, understanding, understanding this high-level computer language. The last semester from time to time will hear the software class to introduce me to Java, object-oriented, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, class, these I do not understand, but listen to more slowly I also remember a little, this semester to get the legend has been long the thick of the textbook I also have worries, afraid of their own bad learning, But more is the expectation and longing, and finally one day I also have the opportunity to learn their mouth that people love and hate java.

Through this week's course study, I learned the way we study this semester and the goal, reversal of the classroom is so many years of learning since my first attempt, to tell the truth I am afraid, my autonomy is not so good, I am afraid I will not keep up with the progress, But I am also curious about what unexpected surprises this class will bring to me, and look forward to a different class in Java. Java "white paper" key terms, simplicity, object-oriented, distributed, robust, security, architecture Center, portability, interpretation, high performance, multi-threading, dynamic, although I do not understand now, but I believe that with the course of this semester, I will know them 1.1 points. And in the teacher's PTT I learned a brief history of Java development and its problems and advantages. In the machine Class I learned to install the Java Development Toolbox JDK, this is my first contact with the path and terminal, freshman in math modeling when the lab seniors help me download software, it is my first contact terminal and path, this time finally have the opportunity to try it, really feel very excited. Its integrated development environment I went back to my dorm and downloaded eclipse. In the computer Class I also learned to debug and run the window, understand a simple source of output code, master the basic structure of Java program, and found it and C language a lot of similarities and differences, and still maintain its enthusiasm and yearning.

In a word, through this week's course, I first went to a serious understanding of Java, and the course of this semester is full of hope that I can in reverse class to learn this course, and can develop my self-learning ability.

201671010113 2016-2017-2 Java Programming (Java)

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