201671010115 2016-2017-2 "Java Programming" views on the new Java curriculum

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This semester we began to learn the Java programming language, just beginning to get the Java textbook, my heart is dashed, because what? It's because the textbook is the thickest I've ever seen. Last semester, I felt the C language textbook is very thick, but not the thickest, only thicker. The thickness of the Java textbook refreshed all the new records I've ever read about the thickness of a book.

The teacher adopted the inversion classroom teaching method, said the truth, heard the news, I am a little overwhelmed. What is the reversal class? We had no contact, a little confused. Lost, more is expected, because new challenges, means new opportunities, maybe this class will be the most suitable for me, I will learn more in this class.

Java is not just a programming language, but a complete programming platform. In the Java white Paper, Sun is summarizing the features of Java: "Java:a simple,object-oriented,network-savvy,robust,secure,architecture-neutral, Portable,interpreted,high-performance,multi-threaded,and Dynamic Language. "That is, Java is a simple, object-oriented, distributed, robust, security, architecture-neutral, portability, interpretive, high-performance, multi-threading, dynamic language." So, Java is worthy of our learning. In the first chapter, we summarize the different performance of Java and other programming languages, and we have a preliminary understanding of Java. The second chapter discusses in detail how to download and install the Java Development Toolkit JDK and how to compile and run various types of programs: console programs, graphical applications, applet applications, and so on.

That's what I think about this new course in Java.

201671010115 2016-2017-2 "Java Programming" views on the new Java curriculum

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