201671010131 2016-2017-2 "Java programming" the second week from Jane into the beginning of the complex.

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Moonphases (read/write) Number of lines of code Posted Blog Volume/Blog comments number Classroom/after-school time (hours) The most satisfying programming task
First week 50/25 1/2 6/4 wrote a small program
Second week 100/50 1/2 6/6 You can make a longer program of your own.
Third week
Week Four
Week Five
Week Six
Seventh Week
Eighth Week
Nineth Week
Tenth Week
11th Week
12th Week
13th Week
14th Week
15th Week
16th Week
17th Week
18th Week

2. About "error prompting before running the program" editor dose not contain a main type "program cannot run" view of the problem:

This problem arises because the main class file is built under the compiler default access path, the class under build path can be compiled and run, the configuration file under Build path can be read and written directly by the class with relative path, the class package is not added to the build path, Therefore, the file path cannot be found.

Workaround: In the Package Explorer on the left, right-click the top-level directory--build Path--use as source folder for this class. This will solve the problem.

Re-open the class and run it again.

3. Impressions:

This week to learn the knowledge of a sudden increase, there are many strings are not familiar with, to remember things than the first week a lot more, there is a little bit of adaptation, although many knowledge points have seen, but quickly forgot, need to constantly and review.

This week I learned about the basics of Java syntax, conditions, loops, branching, and input and output. In particular, some of the class functions, usage remember is not very familiar with, some like the file read and so on, as well as the command line parameters of the problem, to now also to solve, and later to work harder.

201671010131 2016-2017-2 "Java programming" the second week from Jane into the beginning of the complex.

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