201671010146 2017-2 The 16th week of Learning Java Thoughts

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This week to learn to deploy Java applications, the last few weeks to learn the GUI, in fact, this part in class before the program run a good run, but last week before class I did not run ahead of the program, resulting in the class when listening to very confused, to listen to the teacher, one side to see PPT, while also running their own program, Make a mess of yourself.

This weekend I have to run the program, open the PPT and remember some things in the book is the teacher said this week has a general understanding of the.

After the. class file is compressed and packaged into a. jar, the GUI interface program can simply double-click the icon to run. This is a very important knowledge point of this weekly hours, the main learning is how to operate, let it become an executable jar file, the following is the specific operation:

P Select Project----> Right button, Export ...--->java--->jar file--->next--> Select the path and name of the JAR file-->next-->next--- > select Main Class--->finish.as long as the above operation is not difficult, but how to directly turn it into an executable jar file in the Control panel I still stuck in the last side, not open, jar file, tried several times to no avail. then is Applet,applet can embed the Web page, in other words, the applet is included in the HTML page of the Java program, in the freshman time we learned HTML, so the name of this HTML is not unfamiliar to us, it is difficult to embed the applet in it    , although this part is selective learning but I still want to try it later, one is very curious about how the effect of embedding, the second is to learn the web design, can not learn a door forget, so later still want to try.

201671010146 2017-2 The 16th week of Learning Java Thoughts

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