2016QQ How to brush the brush drilling method to share

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Users of QQ software to the detailed interpretation of the sharing of 2016QQ brush drilling method.

Method Sharing:

Tools/materials to be prepared:

Mobile phone card, mobile phone, networking computer

2015QQ Brush Drill Tutorial Method/step:
   Note: At present this method has been invalidated, do not believe all kinds of brush drilling tutorial beware of fooled.
1, Login QQ, click you want to brush drilling, of course, QQ members can also, as shown:

2, to members as an example, click More ways to choose mobile phone Open:

3, in the mobile phone number blank column input your number, click Next can:

4, then follow the steps to open (pure broken is small white way, very simple):

5, send 00000 to the Code office (10665999) Remember that you can not select the binding:

6, the final will send a unsubscribe information ignored, 2015QQ brush drill to the end of the tutorial.
2015QQ Brush Drilling Tutorial Notes:
1, mobile phone must open the Dream network switch.
2, remember: Can not repeatedly brush.
Mobile Phone Brush Drilling Tutorial
Brush drill, usually with the technology as the standard SP refers to bypass the QQ payment information method by canceling stay to achieve the purpose of the QQ business card. Mobile phone brush Drilling use is mobile, Unicom and Tencent between the SP service loophole, so do not buckle mobile phone charges, get the brush drilling effect. Here for you to introduce mobile phone brush drill tutorial, quickly learn it.
Tools/raw Materials:
1, Networking computer
2, not owed the mobile phone
The following is a brush drill step:
Step 1, send am to 10666226 open, and then send a text message.
See now there is no drill, because there are yellow diamond, take other drill demo.

Step 2, to the (mobile phone transfer line) back to determine customization.
Step 3, in the edit GB30 sent to 10666226 (when the cell phone or offline mode) offline mode to send the text message in the draft box will be left in the Outbox! And so back to the standard mode it will be automatically sent! If you can not automatically send words, manually contact send
Step 4, (the Inbox two SMS reply custom one and text message cancellation code one) mobile phone back to normal (standard) mode.

Step 5, such as binding Q number text message, send binding Q.
Step 6, binding success, it means that the brush has been successful! Failure to bind succeeds means fail.
Mobile phone Brush Drill is so simple, in fact, is to cancel the brush drilling method, but, many people say that the time to remove drilling is not good, so that you can perfect the time to grasp the problem, suggest a good place in the signal brush, so the stability is higher.


Note that if you see yourself there is no brush on the focus is to inquire about mobile phone business, such as the success of the powder drilling, see if the business has no powder drilling is not successful!

Well, the above information is small make up to you QQ This software users brought the detailed 2016QQ brush drilling method to share all the content, you see the users here Small series believe that you now that is very clear the method of brush drilling, Then you go to follow the small part of the above to share the method of their own to try to brush their own drill.

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