2017 Chain Home school recruit front end face test

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Just finish the chain home, the morning is still hesitant to try, come back after a kind of fortunately went to the feeling, not a good face, but the interview relative to me has a good leak fill the role, but also give me a lot of inspiration. Thank you for the interview!

Side: Internship experience introduces the difference between Reactjs and jquery. Why react introduces virtual dom trees has a performance boost. What is the condition that the browser triggers the redraw? The browser starts from opening a page, how to render the page. (Require as much detail as possible) front-end performance optimization. (Explain why the CDN is optimized). Optimization principle. Cross-domain implementation methods and principles. (Some details of postmessage) Customize how a comfirm is done. (CSS, JS, HTML) How to define a calling interface. What are the parameters. How to position in the suspended layer. How to implement the center of an element. React do a multi-level tree expansion how to achieve. How to do a search for a candidate word hint. With which event to do. How to avoid the candidate word refresh too frequently.

Two: Internship experience introduction. How to implement a two-column layout. Right width, left adaptive. After the parent component passes a value to the subassembly, the parent component's value is updated, and the child component corresponds to which lifecycle method the render invokes. How to add hints to an element (like a few updates to the current element content), but what to do when the hint element is written to the body. (see JS in the positioning API, elements of the long-width calculation of the API) how to achieve similar to Sina Weibo Drop-down to the end of the automatic refresh function. Like Sina Weibo's suspension will have a hint box, how to do. Monitor with what event. What are some of the mouse events. What's the difference. What to do in react makes the passed subassembly variable. (This.props.children)

2016.10.26 Fu Road Mansion, Beijing

Overall, the feeling of the interview is based on the status of the candidate to do some of the investigation, there are not too many routines of things, are from a number of examples to ask, and have asked very carefully.

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