2017 education and entrepreneurship to obtain tens of millions of financing, by what?

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years quietly spent the Q1 quarter, the time of the education market to give up what kind of results? On the well-known media Tiger olfactory network and whale media reports, the year Q1 Education Industry first- class market occurred in the investment and financing events, more than billion yuan investment in education. The whole education industry first-class market in this year's Q1 Investment and financing events, the performance of the robust, no overheating, cold signal, is the future of a wide range of areas.  

So, the education market of entrepreneurship can successfully get financing, in the end what is it? As we all know, entrepreneurial like war, pay attention to is "fast track approach"! Seize the market opportunity to effectively break through the enemy interception, such cases in the shared economy abound. Therefore, how to launch products quickly becomes an important issue for every entrepreneur to think about, which is the key to getting financing. Word ..., we speak with a case.


Graduate APP won tens of millions of A Wheel Financing

Research is a way to make the entrance examination of the Postgraduate Examination helper, anytime, anywhere to master postgraduate information, a large selection of research questions, covering review materials, the real problem, core test. In the field of postgraduate online education, from the course quality of research and development, user reputation, operational data, brand influence and so on, at least has entered the status of the top three. Hujiang has been awarded the tens of millions of- A -round financing for postgraduate education.

The original research and development of the road is the application of the original,Android and IOS development Progress is not the same, the test will take 2 times the time to test the problem, resulting in a long period of problems. Then accidentally came into contact with the Apicloud, because before also used other hybrid platform developed apps, took a little time to get started. The fact also proves that choosing apicloud is the right one, a set of codes for both ends, and a lot of cost savings. Research and development of the road to the end of the APP 2 people /30 days to complete the production of the launch.


The study of the Beaver Rice won 5 never A Wheel Financing

The study is a personalized learning platform focused on primary and secondary education, providing individualized teaching solutions for the public schools, aiming at the teaching scenarios of primary school mathematics classroom teaching, evaluation and after-class tutoring, and constructing a teaching system to realize the efficiency of reducing burdens and individualized teaching goals. The study has won 5 million A round of financing for the Northern Lights venture.

Zhangnan, vice president of the study, said: "At that time, one of our engineers recommended Apicloud, the company held a trial attitude, let him a person to try, did not expect only one engineer, only ten days to complete the basic function of the development, and can at the same time IOS and Android full platform release, let us feel very excited, so the company immediately decided to fully adopt Apicloud for the product development of the Beaver Rice teacher. Apicloud compared to native development, it greatly reduces the compatibility issues that need to be considered in development, all functions can be accomplished with the standard front-end language, and many extension modules are built in to enable native functionality to be realized quickly.


The Accounting Academy was awarded 1 never pre-a Wheel Financing

The Accounting Academy is an accounting training website dedicated to providing online education courses for students, including real account practice, financial software, tax practice 0 basic entry and other services.

Because anxious to put our business model as soon as possible to the landing, verification, so chose a few platforms, the last friend recommended the choice of Apicloud, while the study side of the development of the last on-line, the whole process is more smooth, and finally proved that the accounting hall is a market, late iteration several versions also quickly, Is the initial encounter more problems, basically in the forum has been resolved. Finally rely on 2 people /35 days of time to complete the development of the APP to the online.

Snow Flap APP received millions of angel round financing

" Snow flap " is a learning product e-commerce platform centered on users ' hierarchical learning needs, providing users with an introductory stage online experience lesson in the field of interest learning. Users can easily find a learning product that meets their needs for efficiency and experience, improving their lifestyles and relationships with others through learning. The snow flap APP has received millions of of the angel Wheel financing and is currently in the pre-a round financing stage.

Snow Flap technical director Li Jundong said: "We are a private education service for entrepreneurial companies, early APP use other platform development, but the platform is not stable,BUG Endless, and then after repeated trade-offs, chose to transfer to Apicloud platform, it takes only a week to complete theAPP based on apicloud refactoring. At present, our app version has reached 5.0, before and after the cloud compiled not thousands of times. Apicloud give me the overall feeling is: rapid development, stable platform, thoughtful service, trustworthy!


Apicloud is a "cloud-integrated" APP Development customized platform, relying on its own strong technical capital, for education and even the whole category development and production of high-quality appsfor enterprises to reduce costs, shorten the construction period, quickly occupy the market, Successful investment in the favor, to the enterprise has brought tangible benefits. These four cases are only a small part of the Apicloud platform, and there are many more successful financing cases that will be shown over the next one by one years.

Mobile App development:www.apicloud.com

Mobile app production:www.apicloud.com

2017 education and entrepreneurship to obtain tens of millions of financing, by what?

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