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The job interview is the Java background development, the face of the company is not many, mainly the United States group Reviews-NetEase-NetEase Youdao-Ctrip-Huawei-ZTE-HKUST News-Beacon Communications these companies. In the past, the simple record of their own interview when the problems encountered, as well as the interview gave a little bit of advice to the next year or even after the younger brother sister some reference. Welcome all friends to exchange together.

Hkust flying (hang up after 1 sides)

Flying side (phone face 1 to 2)

August 23, 2016 time is about 40 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Ø Talk about the project

Ø database internal and external network Exchange How do you do if you exchange to do what you do

o Do you know that some third party components can complete the exchange of the database

The introduction of Øweb service, how to write

Ølinux what is the command to modify permissions, how much do you know about shell programming, and what do you usually do?

Ø tell me about the design patterns you know

Ø if a class A is changed to Class B, what do you do with the adapter pattern?

Ø database How are you usually optimized, what other tools are used to optimize no, how to use the

Ø Now there is a lot of tables to correlate the query SQL, the child table data is very much, then you only from the SQL point of view of the SQL statement optimization, do not need to consider the index, predicate

Ø you don't have a Java project, do you?

Ø your major is to control the direction, why do the current direction

O you have any questions to ask me

Analysis: This time the main reason is that I choose the location of the phone interview problem, in the staircase, the signal is not good, coupled with echoes, the quality of the call is very low. Recommended to participate in the electrical surface of the students to find a good call to participate in the electrical surface is better.

ZTE (2 sides to get an offer)

ZTE Side (1 to 2 on site)

July 18, 2016 time is about 20 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Ø talk about the projects you've done

Øjava virtual Run-time memory allocation and memory release

Ø talk about common design patterns

Ø how the parameters of the stored procedure are passed

Ø How the stored procedure is classified, how you write the stored procedure, how to use the exception

Ø stored procedures where you usually write

Ø what is the character set used in your database, and what do you think is the difference compared to other character sets?

What functions are used in the Øoracle database to view the number of characters and bytes of a string

Ø How to solve the problem of SQL injection in development and whether to understand other databases

How to view CPU usage in Ølinux

Ø whether through English level six, computer grade, preferred place of work, why, a few children at home

Zhongxing Two-Face (Field 1 to 2)

October 8, 2016 time is about 20 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Ø talk about polymorphism in Java

Ø What are the pros and cons of triggers in your project, and what do they usually do?

Ø talking about the view inside the database

Ø What kind of ways and means you usually learn

Ø speak English, simply introduce yourself in English

Ø How are the current candidates progressing and where are the expected work places?

Ø you have a lot of scholarships, so at your undergraduate or graduate level, what's the most unsuccessful thing you've done?

Analysis: On the whole, ZTE interview is not very difficult, get an offer is also relatively easy, the good side of the organic will take the SP.

Huawei (2-side waiting results, estimated to be a spare tire)

Huawei side (1 to 1 on site)

September 21, 2016 time is about 40 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Ø Introduction Project

Ø database triggers How do you usually write and what's the role

Ø What is the difference between a trigger and a function?

Ø Database In addition to Oracle also know what other databases, what are their characteristics, what do you think Alibaba is using the database

Ødbutils is which company's product, database connection pool has what, if lets you realize a database connection pool, how do you design

O say how the single example in Java is usually implemented, what are their characteristics

Ø talk about the framework of the collection within Java, how each is used, what are the differences and disadvantages, how

Ø Chat Java inside the multithreaded programming, details of the Java inside and the contract, thread pool to achieve the principle of what it looks like

Øjava reflex have you ever learned that Java annotations have ever understood

Ø What is the difference between TCP and IP protocol, if we want to communicate with other companies, please design a communication solution

O have any questions to ask me

Huawei two-Face (field face 1 to 1)

September 21, 2016 time is about 20 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

O You are not a party member, what are your grades in school, what scholarships you have, what competitions you have taken

Ø your grades can be research, why do you choose to take an examination, you graduate school grades how

o There are no papers published, there are no patents

Ø what is the direction of your graduation project?

O There's nothing to ask me

Analysis: Huawei this year attaches great importance to schools, majors, papers, patents, grades, competitions, feel the interview is only as a reference, not as a relatively high evaluation criteria. So far I am still employed in the audit, it is estimated that the spare tire.

NetEase Youdao (2 side after the passing of the follow-up interview)

One side (phone 1 to 1)

September 8, 2016 time is about 50 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Øjava the memory layout and how the heap memory is managed

Ø did not understand git and svn

Ø There are two linked lists, how to determine whether they intersect

Ø there are two single linked lists (no loops), no other data structure borrowed, how to traverse once to determine whether intersect

ØTCP is how to ensure reliable transmission of

Ø how you and your colleagues are developing projects at the same time, but your code conflicts and generates log information, so how do you deal with

commands for viewing services in Ølinux

Ø you have a lot of service in this command, so how do I find the service name I'm searching for?

Ø How the database is optimized

Ø project Inside there is no use to cache

The realization principle of ølucene

Ø introduction of Inverted Index

Ø Baidu's Query box, assuming you hit a "medium", then the following string of prompt characters, similar to "China/middle" how these appear

Ø How to manage the index of these common words

Ø communication with the interviewer

Youdao two sides (phone face 1 to 1)

October 12, 2016 time is about 60 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Ø Project Brief Introduction

Ø Now there is a sort of data in ascending order, then move 0 or more arrays after the array to the front of the array, then give you an integer, then use the quickest way to find the index of this x (if it appears, may not appear)

Ø now has a string stream data, which contains mailboxes, the maximum length of known mailboxes is 50 bytes, then ask the character stream all the mailboxes extracted

Ø now there is a n*n square, inside each lattice has a value greater than or equal to 0 of the size, then now need to go from the upper left corner to the lower right corner (only two directions can go), how can I walk to make the pass of the lattice and the largest

Ø if the request from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, after the size of the grid is set to 0, and then from the lower right corner to the upper left corner, how to make two passes and the largest

Ø if the request from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, and then from the lower right corner to the upper left corner, and then from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, after the size of the grid to 0, how to make two passes and the largest

Ø There are two rectangles in a plane and now you know the coordinates of the two rectangles, then determine if the two rectangles overlap.

Ø now you want to design a tool similar to Word, but requires that many people can remotely work together on the same document (edit, delete, etc.), while requiring that one person's changes be immediately visible to another, and that the person can be dynamically added to the entry, and that data uniqueness, consistency, and efficiency are required , do not appear locked and so on, so that you design, ask how you design.

O Is there any question you need to ask me

Analysis: Until October 26 Youdao hr Just call me, ask me if number 27th can go to Hangzhou to participate in the final face (Beijing's interviewer in the past, a round of technical round hr), because and other companies signed the reason, my time and conditions have not allowed, also politely refused. The overall impression of the Youdao is very good.

Comments from the United States (4 sides to get an offer)

The United States Group reviews side (field 1 to 1)

October 20, 2016 time is about 50 minutes.

Ø Self Introduction

Ø Project Introduction

Ø What work did you do in the project

Ø talking about the design of the project database

Ø how the synchronization between databases in the project is done

Ø What is the mechanism of the template message push in the project

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