2017 Linux OPS personnel will be open source operation and Maintenance tool System Summary

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Website service: Nginx,apache,lighttpd,php,tomcat,resin
Database: Mysql,mariadb,postgresql

DB Middleware: Maxscale,mycat,atlas,cobar,amoeba,mysql-proxy

Agent Related: lvs,keepalived,haproxy,nginx,heartbeat
Site cache: Squid,nginx,varnish
NoSQL Library: Redis,memcached,mongodb,hbase,cassandra,couchdb
Storage Related: Nfs,fastdfs,moosefs (MFS), Hadoop,glusterfs,lustre

Version management: Svn,git
Monitoring alarm: Nagios,cacti,zabbix,munin,hyperic,mrtg,graphite

Domain Name resolution: BIND,POWERDNS,DNSMASQ
Batch management: Ssh,ansible,saltstack,expect,puppet
Virtualization: Kvm,xen

Cloud computing: Openstack,docker,cloudstack

Intranet Software: Iptables,zebra,iftraf,ntop,tc,iftop
Mail software: Qmail,posfix,sendmail,zimbra

Unified Certification: OpenLDAP
Queue tool: Activemq,rabbitmq,metaq,memcacheq,zeromq
Package Release: Mvn,ants,jenkins
Test software: Ab,jmeter,webbench,loadrunner,http_load,tcpcopy

Bandwidth test: smokeping

Performance test: Dd,fio (IOPS test), IOzone (disk test)

Log Related: Rsyslog,awstats,flume,storm,elk (Elasticsearch+logstash+kibana)


Unattended: Kickstart,cobbler

Software Installation: Rpm,yum (design rpm package customization and Yum warehouse construction)

Big Data: Hdfs,hive,hbase,zookeeper,pig,spark,mahout,flume,sqoop

Development language: Shell,python,go


The next stage requires enhanced learning:

2017 Linux OPS personnel will be open source operation and Maintenance tool System Summary

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