2017 New start thinking a little different

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The past year, for the sake of work, has been running on the road of full stack development. From the Web development of small white to today's not so white small white, feel the progress is quite big. This year's task is still grim, but after work or hope that their business can have some of their own things to do. Make a list of what you want to do, and look back next year to see how "embarrassing" ^_^!

1) Participate in the soft test, the system Architect's exam is not for what, just want to force themselves to see the boring system knowledge, hone their will.

2) on GitHub to open a few projects, the current level is to do some Java learning Demo,angularjs demo and so on, well, to do it.

3 Blog to often write something, feel the weekly Youdao notes, the browser's collection bar will be a lot of things, these things to summarize, induction

4) ... should not be 4, feel good to do the above things are a bit difficult task, hope to complete it.

2017 New start thinking a little different

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