2017 Object-oriented programming (Java) 14th Week study Summary

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The main content of last week's study was swing user interface components. The purpose of the course is to master the use of GUI layout manager and to master various uses of Java Swing components and common APIs. If the student has the knowledge of the Web front end, can combine the knowledge characteristic of both to study. The study of this chapter not only needs the support of theoretical knowledge, but also needs the students to have certain imagination. Hope that students not only familiar with the textbook and experimental examples, it is best to find excellent MVC design pattern front-end instances to study.

Summarize the 14th Week Experiment Report and blog post situation.

First of all need to praise: Lai Zhao Xiao two students work done better.

Experimental report not submitted by: Wang Ruiqiang Budan knife Jeffan (has been granted for extension until December 10)

Blog not written by: Deng Zhang aravind new Zassis-Caigen goyangsomba Wang Ruiqiang Ma Lun Mitch Mao Provencale tao Bandai Grass

According to the experiment work and the summary of the blog post, the students generally reflect the content of this chapter is more difficult to remember, the layout manager of the understanding of some difficulty. Hope that the teacher in the next experiment class in tandem with the study of this chapter framework, to help students understand the memory. This time the experimental work is relatively simple, the students can be completed on time, but several students did not write the summary of the experiment. Hope that students do not forget beginner's mind, with a positive and serious learning attitude to complete the course of this semester Java learning.

This blog summary to the end, thanks for reading!

2017 Object-oriented programming (Java) 14th Week study Summary

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