2017.08.19 night began to learn C language

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A complete novice, hope to learn through C, to exercise and build a beautiful platform for their own future!

A tutorial to find

1. Habitual use of seed search (bad laughter) to the C language tutorial, choose one of them to learn tutorials and start learning. And then because the video download too slow, Baidu search for self-study, found that self-study to the Forum to find new address and B station video ... Start learning https://www.bilibili.com/video/av2427340/index_2.html?t=1045#page=4.

2. Video recommended Tools (1) Notepad for editing code (2) GCC is used to execute code and build the development environment

Video simple to teach some code and leave homework, according to the content of the video taught, during the discovery of problems, and then printf ("text"); Chinese text, cmd display garbled, personal suspicion that GCC does not support Chinese, began to search the internet on the Chinese garbled solution, no fruit (there is also too advanced, Can't understand) ... Later through the Search Blog Park a post, replace the software code blocks, text display normal, but still have to specifically learn the specific use of this software, now with the vaguely.

Then thought should apply for a wave of blog to record their knowledge, so that in the future there is a can test themselves and review of the place. Start blogging again, then skip the questions and continue learning, then teach code writing specifications and comments. http://www.zxhsh.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=193&highlight=%B3%CC%D0%F2%B4%FA%C2%EB%B1%E0%D0%B4% B9%e6%b7%b6

Question: How does printf ("text too Long") in a job wrap to make an extended writing look more attractive? Is there such a method?

By reading C Primer plus find a solution, a line of input function can (find the problem, the CMD font can not be changed, after the change of the upper and lower * number of asymmetry, the conjecture should be related to the length of the byte. )

3 Simple Learning data types

Simple understanding of int integer variable, short, long, char character, float floating-point variable? , double, unsign meaning.

Simple understanding of Function scanf ("%d,%f,%c", &k), printf (%d, k);

2017.08.19 night began to learn C language

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