2017.1-TOP5 Android Open Source Library

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Colorful (Github)

Colorful is simple and practical, through which the open source library can be encoded to change the theme of the application, no longer need to define different styles

dependencies {    compile ‘com.github.garretyoder:Colorful:1.1‘}
class SampleApp extends Application { @Override public void onCreate() { super.onCreate(); Colorful.init(this); }}

You need to change the theme of activity must inherit cactivity

class MainActivity extends CActivity

or setContentView() before you call the following method

Colorful.applyTheme(Activity activity);

You can also Colorful.applyTheme(Activity activity, Boolean overrideBase); call overrideBase a parameter to indicate whether you want to overwrite the subject itself

You can set the default theme when initializing

class SampleApp extends Application { @Override public void onCreate() { super.onCreate(); Colorful.defaults() .primaryColor(Colorful.ThemeColor.RED) .accentColor(Colorful.ThemeColor.BLUE) .translucent(false) .dark(true); Colorful.init(this); }}

Can be modified at any time using configuration in code

Colorful.config(this)                .primaryColor(Colorful.ThemeColor.RED) .accentColor(Colorful.ThemeColor.BLUE) .translucent(false) .dark(true) .apply();

Stencil (Github)

It's time to give your words some tricks.

dependencies {  compile ‘com.github.thoughtbot:stencil:1.0‘}

Waveloading (Github)

Wave-shaped animation

compile ‘com.race604.waveloading:library:1.1.1‘


Drawable mWaveDrawable = new WaveDrawable(otherDrawable);// Use as common drawableimageView.setImageDrawable(mWaveDrawable);

Additional Configuration methods

PublicvoidSetwaveamplitude (int amplitude),Set waveAmplitude (In pixels)PublicvoidSetwavelength (int length),Set waveLength (In pixels)PublicvoidSetwavespeed (int step),Set Wave moveSpeed (In pixels)public void setIndeterminate ( Span class= "Hljs-params" >boolean indeterminate), like progress bar, if run in indeterminate mode, it ' ll increase water level over and over again, otherwise, you can use Boolean setlevel (int level) to set The water level, acting as loading Progress. Public void setindeterminateanimator ( valueanimator animator), set You customised animator for wave loading animation in indeterminate mode.     

Buffertextinputlayout (Github)

A simple, customized TextInputLayout

<org. Buffer. Android. buffertextinputlayout. Buffertextinputlayout android:layout_width= "match_parent" Android:layout_height= "wrap_content" app: Counterenabled= "true" App:countermaxlength= "ten" app: Counteroverflowtextappearance= "@style/counteroverride" app:countertextappearance=< Span class= "hljs-string" > "@style/countertext" App:hintenabled= "true" app:countermode=< Span class= "hljs-string" > "ascending" > <edittext android:layout_width= "Match_ Parent "Android:layout_height=" wrap_content "Android:hint=" @ String/text_hint "/></org.buffer.buffertextinputlayout            

Pageloader (Github)

Customizing an open Source library for page loading

dependencies {    compile ‘id.arieridwan:pageloader:0.0.2‘}
<id.arieridwan.lib.PageLoader    android:id="@+id/pageloader"    android:layout_width="match_parent" android:layout_height="match_parent">
SomeMethod(){pageLoader.startProgress();...    onComplete(){        ...    }    onNext(){ ... pageLoader.stopProgress(); } onError(){ ... pageLoader.stopProgressAndFailed(); }}


2017.1-TOP5 Android Open Source Library

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