2017/10/22-year-old mission outlook

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The next task:
1.django How to configure Nginx//Recent
2.DMBJ program Write good//recent
3. Copy the Common software installation package to the hard disk//recent
4. How to deploy Python programs with Docker//recent
5. Find a Linux book and learn the system. Interest in general
6. New PC to install Ubuntu. Recent
7.golang of books to continue to learn, and try to read two years ago. Big interest, afraid of no time
8. Build a static blog on GitHub and later blog to write GitHub. Must do, time is uncertain.
9. Learn MySQL advanced knowledge, master-slave copy, index AH//must, eat by this
10. Read a book about the HTTP protocol. Big interest, afraid of no time
11. Crawl with Golang/Pinterest/Weibo and my favorite website, make interface, Django Display, open source on GitHub. You must do it, eat it.
12. Write More blogs. Must, meal items
13. Learn about GitHub using the system. must, meal items.
14. Learn and practice the advanced uses of Python, such as magic, combined with "fluent Python". Must do, meal plan B
15. Understand the existing procedures, redis/celery the framework. I'd better rewrite it with celery zeromq. Must do, eat the series.

  1. Grpc/gin Framework, self-realization ORM. Must do, do not eat food.

Add sub-item

  1. Learn about the use of MongoDB. Want to do, but the feeling is not used at present.
  2. Spark real-time computing. Yes, but I didn't think about it.
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