2017.1.16--Winter Camp fourth day

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Today is the fifth day of training, it was yesterday, and today is the game.

Now the game will be getting harder, I really doubt this group B is the same set of questions as the previous Group B. The difficulty difference is a bit big ah.

Well, don't say much, say something useful.

It was a bad game, because of what. Nonsense, the game is difficult.

But is it so bad just because the game gets harder?

The interpretation of the topic should be fast and accurate, for example, today, the first question, I until the last five minutes to calculate the sample, or after the people around the reminder, it is obvious that the reading is not serious, thinking is not careful, leading to violent division did not hit.

Each problem has difficulty, did not do is also very normal, but should try to get partial points, the examination is to improve the thinking of the best link, because only enough to think, in order to make the most of the harvest, if the game is not how to think, to find the solution, and even look at other people's code, and did not make no difference.

The next topic:


• Tree-shaped DP

• A variety of methods, first dig a hole, to learn, now say their own method:

fi indicates that I is the root and only the "Up" path.

GI indicates that I is the root and that there is a "down" path.

• Equation obviously, pay attention to the option of selecting itself when calculating fi.


• This problem also has a variety of methods, digging a hole, it must be learned.

• Speak your Own way first:

• Obviously, for the Fibonacci number of length i is fi-1, then set Sumi to denote the number of ' 1 ' of length <=i, sumi=sumi-1+sumi-2+fi-1, (the number of the first 1 is fi-1,i-2 because there is no repetition, I-1 is the number of scenarios for the current I-bit selection 0)

• Then, we can draw the length of the length of a paragraph of I can also be obtained all the length of the farthest position, solid to not put the finished treatment can be, the details a little more, think of yourself


• Very simple

• Correctness is obvious

• Maintain a heap that represents the first K-values of all decisions before row I

• Specific maintenance methods: The current two lines 22 corresponding to get a pile of values, maintenance of a large heap, to ensure that the big root heap only K number, this k number is the smallest of the heap value of the first k value, then the next time to do i+1 line with this heap from small to large sequence after the order can be


Dig a hole, wait for a while after the training to try to contact the linear equation and the geometry of the direction of the area.

From tomorrow night on the topic, we must go ahead to preview, listen to the topic carefully, and maintain adequate spirit, so that the biggest harvest, the problem is to do not finish, the key is to keep thinking, if a question of time accumulated more than 3 hours, you can consider to look at the key, to see what direction to do, Then see if you can go through a little hint to make, if only a hint to make, is the best, if the problem of a lot of difficulty, you can think carefully, try to understand the key, of course, some of the more advanced knowledge can also consider giving up, the foundation to fight is very important.

Finally, I would like to say that, in general, I ask others questions, just ask should be roughly how to do, my problem is not a lot of times, when others have already said it again, think about it, do not have a problem to ask, you should be careful to see whether it is appropriate to ask.

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