2018 become the new shopping app

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2018, the new retail, new e-commerce will inevitably become the major business competition in the field. For sellers who want to share a slice of retail e-commerce, it's important to understand the trends in e-commerce tools. In various tools, the shopping app is undoubtedly the closest to the user, the most directly improve the sales efficiency of the utility tool. 2018 can it be a new one for the development of shopping apps? Let's analyze the three major development features of the 2018 shopping app.

1. Large influx of mobile device network buyers

The continued rapid popularization of smartphones has prompted a sharp increase in the number of mobile internet shoppers, as well as the continued rapid growth of consumer spending on the mobile side. In the United States, for example, e-commerce sales from the mobile side accounted for 19% of the overall e-commerce market. According to the authority, this ratio will rise to 27% by the end of 2018. But in these turnover, PC-side purchase conversion rate is significantly higher than the mobile side, in order to improve the mobile conversion rate, the e-commerce sellers are in the shopping app work hard. This will make the shopping app market again a wave of competition.

2. Business e-commerce purchasing app is getting better

In the traditional sense, e-commerce basically describes the category of business-to-business, but in recent years, with the development of e-commerce market, business-to e-commerce marketing tools, to business-to-trade procurement app has become a new thing to businesses. By 2020, total sales to the business to market will exceed $1 trillion. So for many brands, the business-to-commerce market is still a "fertile ground". As the price of sellers tends to be consistent, bulk shipping, quoting, simplifying the purchase process and so on become the top priority of e-business enterprises.

3, the shopping app becomes the Enterprise universal disposition

With the influx of mobile internet shoppers, shopping has become another important entry point for online traffic, so shopping apps can become a new wave, allowing more businesses to reach users. The variability of consumer preferences, the need for smart phone shopping app for sticky maintenance and consumer preference conversion.

A shopping app is downloaded by users, indicating that the user has a considerable degree of loyalty and trust in the brand, enough to allow them to continue to purchase products from the brand. At the same time, the shopping app provides highly personalized content, services, referral information and other functions, can stimulate the user's consumption conversion, to maintain the user's stickiness in the app.

The development of e-commerce industry rapid, no one can predict the future of e-commerce, but we can through some of the trend of pre-judgment to set the development of the e-commerce market. No doubt, whether it is e-commerce, or other industries, in the current era must continue to seek change, to meet the user's iterative consumer demand, can not rely on the brand strongholds sustainable survival.

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2018 become the new shopping app

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