2018 Best Sublime Text 3 theme

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Sublime text is one of the most popular text editors for encoding. Sublime Text has many features that make programming interesting, making coding interesting, and through plugins, we can add many features to help develop our applications.

Sublime Text is a very popular, extensible Code editor that allows us to easily write code. The evaluation version can be downloaded from http://www.sublimetext.com.

We also need to install and enable it in Sublime TextPackage Control(Package control, or package management), which you can do in http://wbond.net/sublime_packages/package_control/installation or Find and get packages on Packagecontrol.ioPackage Control.

Fool's Wharf Note: about the package control installation and utility you can view the contents of the Package Control section of the Sublime Text 3 best features, plugins, and settings

Back to the chase, let's take a look at the 2017 best Sublime Text 3 theme.

Material Theme

The matarial theme has good documentation and brings the Material Design visualization Configuration tool into the Sublime Text 3. This topic has many customization options.

Available plugins:

  • White panels and inputs

  • Appbar

This topic provides a visual configuration tool that allows you to configure a theme by activating the available options from an inline pop-up window. Just right-click your editor and select Material Theme > Material Theme Config. You can also open the Configurator by searching in the command panel Material Theme > Configuration.

View Material topics in the package Control


The Seti UI is ported from the Atom theme, one of the best Sublime Text 3 themes, and the name is similar. Like Material Theme, the Seti UI also offers beautiful sidebar icons, but not so much in style gimmicks.

View SETI_UI topics in the package Control

Boxy Theme

Boxy provides an easy-to-customize interface and grammar theme for Sublime Text 3. Boxy Each theme is available in both bright and dark versions. Boxy offers a variety of options to adjust the settings for each visual aspect of Sublime Text 3. Boxy is the most easily modified theme of Sublime Text 3.

Boxy is equipped with 5 high-quality themes and a popular color scheme, including:

  • Boxy Monokai★predawn
  • Boxy Nova★minimal
  • Boxy solarized Dark★code
  • Boxy solarized Light★iowa
  • Boxy Yesterday★atom

View Boxy topics in the package Control


Predawn is a dark-toned Sublime Text 3 theme. is also one of the most beautiful themes of Sublime Text 3.

The predawn theme has many customization options. You can modify its appearance according to your own senses.

View predawn topics in the package Control


Agila provides a clean, yet modern, theme interface for the Sublime Text 3. Agila provides a good folder interval for the tree File menu to improve readability.

Agila is equipped with 6 high-quality themes and a popular color scheme, including:

  • Agila Origin Theme
  • Agila Monokai Theme
  • Agila Cobalt Theme
  • Agila Classic Theme
  • Agila Light Theme
  • Agila Neon Theme

View Agila topics in the package Control


Materialize is based on the Material theme. Materialize brings some of the most popular color schemes for Sublime text 3 and Sublime text 3 Dev's Material theme.

View materialize topics in the package Control


Very interested to know any other Sublime Text 3 themes you like. Welcome message to share to everyone.

2018 Best Sublime Text 3 theme

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