2018: Block chain, AI and IoT converge

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2017, encrypted currency became the mainstream.
But the people who have invested in this industry for the past few years are excited about the development of basic technology.
Block-chain technology, which makes most cryptographic currencies powerful, is at an early stage. Over the past year, we have begun to see some early evidence of how this new infrastructure is being used, including the Australian Stock Exchange (Australian Securities Exchange), which has announced that it will replace the current transaction settlement process with a block-chain system.
This reminds me of the process of transforming the supply chain and the procurement process from client server software to web-based software in the late 90 and early 21st century. They have made a broad return on investment (ROI) research to justify the upfront cost of replacing existing systems. 20 years later, ROI is obvious, but many companies believe the risk was significant at the time.
I believe we will continue to see more companies across more industries in 2018 to see how block-chain technologies can create efficiencies (and new business models that may emerge in the future).
When I started my future/perfect investment around the topic of decentralization in the 2014, I was most excited by the combination of block chains and other emerging technologies, including machine learning/artificial intelligence, security, and Internet of things. In this way, I anticipate that 2018 will be the year when we begin to see the convergence of these technologies and truly create a decentralized computing and communication platform for the future.
Decentralization, by its very nature, requires more information to be transferred to the node than to reside on a central server.
We will continue to see the development of semiconductors, which can perform advanced calculations on smaller devices. As edge devices become more intelligent, the smart contracts enabled by the block-link platform will better use more advanced data analysis capabilities.
I've seen a tiny brain in every one of our devices, from the simple to the ability to process larger datasets and make decisions based on that data.
Open access to more data and smarter processing on the nodes will allow more companies and people to use a broader set of data than proprietary data ownership by companies such as Facebook and Google. More importantly, these data will be the diversity and representativeness of the world we live in, rather than being filtered by a handful of companies residing in a geographical location.
Although this may not happen next year, we have embarked on the inevitable steps towards the future that will be more revolutionary than the Internet.

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