2018 Front End Interview summary

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  1. There are a lot of questions about the HTTP protocol, and one of the interviewers asked for the TCP three handshake from the request, the difference between 301 and 302, and so on.
  2. Algorithm questions are also asked, such as the handwriting bubble sort, fast line and so on.
  3. For the self-study front-end this thing, really is 1000 readers there are 1000 hamlet, some interviewers think you self-learning ability, trustworthy, some feel that your computer foundation will not be solid, learning is not thorough, questioning your ability to work. Even though I said I had tested computer level two, I studied C language at university, learned computer fundamentals, and had programming ideas, but he also felt that college was too simple to learn.
  4. Component packaging capabilities, the ability to complete work independently, two of which have only one front-end. For such a company, I would generally refuse. Not because you cannot be independent, but because a person is really lonely. When you are lonely and have no motivation to learn new knowledge, your love of the front end, the love of programming will disappear. I prefer to set up a visible goal around me so that I am more motivated to surpass myself now.
  5. Sometimes you're out of your way with the interviewer, and you can tell from the first sentence.

2018 Front End Interview summary

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