2018 Vue+django API separation and development e-commerce new technology cross-domain project combat

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Course Objectives
Help you get started quickly with the Django REST framework, an API framework. Help you learn more about the use of modules in the Django REST framework, such as serialization, views, routing, and so on. Help you quickly develop a set of available API services using the Django REST framework, and automatically generate API documentation.
Applicable people
Python development engineer, back-end development engineer
Course Introduction
At present, the architecture design of front-end separation is becoming more and more popular, and the front and back end uses API to realize data.
So how do you quickly develop a restful API?
The Django REST framework is an API framework developed based on the Django framework.
Using it, you can quickly develop a robust, restful API that is available to you.
Vue.js (pronounced/vjuː/, similar to view) is a set of progressive frameworks for building user interfaces.
This course is based on the Django Rest Framework official documentation detailing the main content of the Django Rest framework for you to pave the steps of Django Advanced Knowledge +vue Project Organizational structure analysis
Learn more about the Django REST Framework framework and learn more about Vue.
Mainly include:
Analysis of VUE technology selection
API backend Interface data populated to Vue component templates
Vue Code Structure Analysis

Through this video, you can quickly get started with the Django Rest framework, and be able to learn more about the design and use of modules such as serialization, view, routing, and so on in the Django Rest framework, and ultimately implement a self-designed and developed set of available API services with documentation. Using the current Popular Front-end separation development technology, involving the basic knowledge of RESTful API and Vue project structure analysis, to solve the technical development of a single pain point, with advanced technology fusion skills, so that you in the field of development than others outmanoeuvred!

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2018 Vue+django API separation and development e-commerce new technology cross-domain project combat

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