2018APIO to Exam

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First saw the operation of the CTSC ... Rose to the insight ...
Playing Blacksmith X1
See a full English ppt, a variety of lectures actually really speak very well, but logic is too strong to let the students at all will not be embarrassed ...
Linux is really suffocating ... Guide can not afford to forget, console debugging .... Error directly dense dozen 5 pages to see the screen can not understand ... Compilation is not compiled. What else do I play?
I understand Kay Teacher's lecture, the screen is suffocating ah ...
There is also a teacher who prefers games (fog) ... I might be able to write an AI what?
Six people in the group of salted fish sleep also very strong very strong da ... (did not listen to Kay's Amway skipping class to see the complex 3 ....) )
Finally go to the bird's Nest to take a picture of the roll back ...
hotel Life =
There's no double room, so let's change to a big bed room 233
I made a flag that does not take the first victory not to sleep .... Then be lxy to take this threat ... Really 3:30 did not get the first win .... (or go to bed and sleep ...) )
See To go to the North Qing teacher Zhao ... So with Lxy this old rascal around Beijing .... All kinds of Subway last train all kinds of change, all kinds of pressure road (fog), well, he owed me a dress I wrote down ...
The operation of the closing ceremony is still possible ... It's like I haven't seen a show in three years (the gala is not there ...) ), is the electrical tone of the King Yi Song is not singing or is very sorry ...
Very dishes of their own so roll out of the Bai ...

2018APIO to Exam

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