2045: Number of parents

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2045: Parents time limit:10 Sec Memory limit:259 MB
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[Submit] [Status] [Discuss] Description Small D is a math enthusiast who is fascinated by numbers to the point of madness. We use D = gcd (A, B) to denote the greatest common divisor of a, B, and small d that this intimate relationship can be described by both parents, at which point we call the number of pairs (a, b) of the parents of D. Unlike normal parents, he has too many parents for the same d. >_< for example, (4, 6), (6, 4), (2, 100) are both parents of 2. So the question is, for 0 < a <= A, 0 < b <= B, how many ordered pairs (A, b) are the parents of d? Input inputs have only one row, three positive integers a, B, D (d <= A, b), meaning title. The output outputs an integer line that gives the number of parents that satisfy the condition. Sample Input

5 5 2
Sample Output3

"Sample Interpretation"

Three pairs of parents satisfying the conditions (2, 2) (2, 4) (4, 2)

For 100% of data meet 0 < A, B < 10^ 6


The first "Noier" national competition

BZOJ2301: Basically with the same, is greatly weakened = =

1/**************************************************************2Problem:20453 User:hansbug4 language:pascal5 result:accepted6Time:1448Ms7Memory:11944KB8****************************************************************/9  Ten Constmaxn=1500000; One var A I,j,k,l,m,n,x1,y1,x2,y2,z:longint; -B:Array[0.. MAXN] ofLongint; - procedureSwapvarx,y:longint); the           varZ:longint; -           begin -z:=x;x:=y;y:=Z; -           End; + functiondoit (x,y:longint): Int64; -          varI,j,k:longint; +          begin Adoit:=0; at               ifX>y Thenswap (x, y); -               ifx=0  ThenExit0); -i:=1; -                whileI<=x Do -                     begin -                          if(xDiv(xDivi)) < (yDiv(YDivi)) Then inK:=xDiv(xDivi) -                          ElseK:=yDiv(YDivi); toInc (doit, (b[k]-b[i-1]) *int64 (xDivi) *int64 (yDivi)); +i:=k+1; -                     End; the          End; * begin $       fori:=2  toMaxn DoPanax Notoginseng          begin -               ifA[i]<>0  Thencontinue; the                forJ:=i toMaxnDivI Doa[i*j]:=i; +          End; Ab[1]:=1; the       fori:=2  toMaxn Do +          ifa[i]=0  Thenb[i]:=-1 Else -             if((iDivA[i])MoDA[i]) =0  Thenb[i]:=0 Else $B[i]:=-b[iDivA[i]]; $       fori:=2  toMaxn Dob[i]:=b[i]+b[i-1]; - readln (n,m,l); -Writeln (doit (nDivL,mDivl)); the Readln; - End.

2045: Number of parents

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