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As a kind of network advertisement, with the development of the Internet, Flash advertisement design level has been improving continuously. From the early-flooded two-frame gif and wildly flashing eye-catching low creative low production, to the world's major brand commercial graphic design Flash animation performance, Chinese Internet users of the level of online appreciation and click Behavior in the changes (users grow up in abuse).

Because of the impact of the industry as a whole, Tencent's flash advertising is also from the original simple pursuit of how to improve the click rate, and even research how to let users fall into the habit of the trap, improve the delayed hit. To the present to build a big brand, pay attention to design creativity and production level, to get rid of vulgar, enhance corporate image.

Here only for Tencent game Flash Ads (hereinafter referred to as advertising)

Because of China's network bandwidth and other environmental reasons, the general Flash ads will strictly limit the K number, in the large portal ads regardless of size, 20-30k ranged, and the game of flash ads basically need to display the game in the screen characters and logo, just so, In order to ensure that the material is not compressed too much, only to reduce the performance of other animations, so many products are advertising the same type, in the creative space is very low. These factors also affect the entire industry, the layout of a single, material application similar, advertising design and the quality of serious.

Similar examples abound, we can go to 17173 and so on the game portal to see, which put the ads in addition to the content of the different, is basically a mold. In such circumstances, we strive to Tencent game ads in quality with the same industry opponents to open the gap, in the layout composition, font word efficiency as far as possible the pursuit of design, the compression of the material as far as possible to ensure the quality of the picture. Through these efforts, Tencent game advertising at least in quality and competing products have obvious differences.

But the ad has done a great job, its own framework has not changed, no fresh ideas, or can only be called exquisite advertising, rather than excellent advertising.

20K Let me do, this is the most headache of advertising designers, planning a pile of information, but also to show such a scene, such a plot, the use of the original picture of the game to ensure the quality of the material. Resorted to all kinds of tricks to make such a choice after the fruit, but also a delicate rather than a wonderful advertisement. The problem arose.

How do we find a breakthrough

When will the 20K limit end?

Good ideas allow us to avoid or use as little of the picture material as possible. A good creative point of entry can often throw away a lot of information and focus on conveying a point. A good idea doesn't necessarily require a lot of complex animation. In my opinion, advertising creative ideas have two, if the game picture or CG screen quality enough to shock, you can use strong map weak copy or even no copy of the program:

A similar picture with a minimalist copy of the text will be able to make people have to be attracted to the effect. Also because the information is less, at a glance, impressive. The network of interested and unknown things subconsciously will produce click behavior, it has reached our goal.

And when we do not have a particularly strong picture, we can use a variety of ideas to support:

This advertisement does not use the regular game material and the background, but lets the familiar content make the person to be reminiscent to the familiar automobile tail map, the material only uses a picture, also can attract the user's attention, has looked after has one kind of I to know this creativity in the mood.

The processing of the offset plane can also make our ads stand out in many game ads. The most important thing is whether we can make the player feel different, novel, interesting (regardless of the product of the advertising delivery, will be the subconscious formation of the player this is the image of the Tencent game) second is the copy of the information is highlighted.

You can also use as scripts to add interactive functionality to your ads.

The word cottage is now widely used, we often describe an ad is very cottage, repeatedly stressed that we want to high design. Well, what do you understand about the cottage and the high is the concept:

Use the advertisement Chart contrast lets everybody intuitively feel. In my opinion, there is no absolute cottage and high, only in contrast, the cottage refers to the relatively poor creativity and poor production.

Let our advertising design in the industry the distinction, more ideas and thinking, abandon the kind of people do so, we should also do the idea. To bring users a better experience, if the player's appreciation level is still not up to, then through our every bit affect them, let them no longer eat garbage, refuse to be inferior, this is Tencent game as the industry leading position should do social responsibility.

20K This unbearable limit, as China's network hardware improve and gradually change and disappear, we should see South Korea's network development.

Korea is now widely used in a variety of bitmap materials and video embedded to design ads, K is basically around hundreds of K, can even reach 1M, their today is our tomorrow, China's broadband construction is striding forward. So we should pay more attention to the development and application of advertising design, so that we can meet the future of arbitrary creation at any time.

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