21 days actual combat artificial Intelligence series: Artificial Intelligence product manager Best Practice (1)

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1 Preface

Intended to engage in artificial intelligence product Manager position, write a series of topics, artificial intelligence product Manager to do a comprehensive introduction, the preliminary plan to write 21 topics, a day, is a spur on their own, the task of qualitative, quantitative, hope that they can stick to it.

Suitable for the crowd

Traditional product managers who want to transform into artificial intelligence;

RD wants to transform into a aipm crowd;

Anyone who wants to engage in or understand the work of an AI product manager;

Shielding crowd: People who want to learn coding ability through this course.

2 text

Chapter Goals

Understand what it is to be artificial intelligence.

Understand the core concept of artificial intelligence.

Understand the history of artificial intelligence development.

Understand the current market pattern of artificial intelligence.

Main content

Concept definition of artificial intelligence

The relationship between artificial intelligence and related concepts

Two major features of artificial intelligence

Ecological Atlas of Artificial intelligence market in China

A brief history of the development of artificial intelligence ####### #未完待续 ########

Next Period Notice

Artificial Intelligence Product Manager

Conceptual definition and competency model of competency

The collection of excellent content in the coming period:

2017 R Language Development Report (domestic)

R Language Chinese Community History article finishing (author article)

R Language Chinese Community History article finishing (type article)

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