21 Super simple Photoshop Cheats

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Share 21 simple and practical Photoshop cheats today, the effect is amazing, but the process can be in 2, 3 steps to say clearly, are able to give people full power of the tutorial, there are Instagram with the same filter packaging free download, is really a tutorial industry lone warrior, the resources of Song Jiang Na.

1. Install these free Photoshop actions to make a Instagram filter effect

2. If you need to process a lot of photos, use batches to scale them in seconds, or add watermarks to them

You don't even have to open any of the files in Photoshop. Just make sure that the photos are in the same folder on your computer, then click File >> work on multiple files, and then go on (it doesn't seem to have this feature in Windows, instead of file –> automatic –> batch and file –> scripts –> Image processor).

3. Use Dodge and burn tools to get shiny eyes

The Dodge (Dodge) will brighten and deepen (Burn) will darken. Zoom in to large enough, and then use this simple three-step tutorial: digital-photography-school.com

4. One-click Cure oily Skin

5. Use a photo to change the color of another photo. You'll get a lot of interesting results.

Open a good color image, such as a piece of artwork. Then open the picture you want to edit. Select Image >> adjust >> match colors, then select your famous painting from the source. If you want, you can also adjust the brightness and color intensity casually. Click OK and it's finished.

6. Use free photo frames and learn how to cut your image into shapes

Study Address: welivedhappilyeverafter.com (self-owned ladder yo)

Believe me, this tutorial is too easy to be easy, you must try! And you'll learn a very useful clip mask.

7. Use a shear filter to make everything look thinner

The use of moderation. See all tutorials here: www.papernstitchblog.com

8. Delete the annoying tourists in your travel photos

The original image is English, the translation drawing originates from the network, hope the translator sees after contact small weave @cyrotel, thanks.

9. When drawing a line with a pencil, hold down the Shfit key

It's going to be straight!

10. How to avoid this strange circle trace when using the Brush tool

Study Address: http://orpheelin.deviantart.com (self-owned ladder)


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