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Hard to analyze a bunch of big data, unexpectedly no one to see! What do we do? As the saying goes, there is a picture of the truth, a picture wins thousands of words, pleasing the eyeball, the rest are said. If you're starting to get useful information from your data, it's exactly what you need-data visualization. This article dug up 21 hot data visualization tools, crisp high-value information map, it is necessary to do so!

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Not only does the Fusioncharts Suite XT bring you beautiful charts, but it also helps you create vivid animations, ingenious designs, and rich interactivity. It is compatible with PC-side, Mac, IPad, iphone and Android platforms, has good user experience consistency, and is suitable for all web and mobile applications, even those that are not supported by most plugins such as IE6, 7, 8. Zhu Er. In this software, it only takes 15 minutes to create your first chart.

The Fusioncharts Suite offers more than 90 charts and illustrations, from the most basic to the advanced version, such as funnel, hotspot map, line-up and multi-axis graphs.


Dygraphs is a fast and flexible open source JavaScript library that allows users to freely explore and compile intensive datasets. It has very strong interactivity, such as zooming, panning, and mouse hover, all of which are default actions. What's more, it also has strong support for error bars. Dygraphs is also highly compatible, and all major browsers work (including IE8 that are not visible). You can even use two-finger zoom on your phone and tablet!


Datawrapper allows you to create charts and maps in just 4 steps. This tool helps you reduce the time it takes to visualize data from a few hours to a few minutes. It's very easy to do, just upload the data, select a chart or map, then click Publish. Datawrapper is customized for your needs, and typography and visuals can be adapted to your style specifications.


Leaflet is an open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps that contains all the features that most online map developers need. Leaflet is designed as an easy-to-use, performance-friendly tool. Thanks to HTML5 and CSS3, it supports all major computer and mobile platforms. If you also want to expand the app, there are a number of plugins available to install.

  Tableau Public

It's an easy-to-operate app that can help you create a visually stunning piece of work. Just open the data and explore it with Tableau's desktop version. Then, store the visualizations in your 1GB Tableau public online file space, and finally, put them in a website or blog and share your work with the world through social media!


It's a great app that you can use to create beautiful, clear and transparent infographics. Piktochart offers a click editor with over 400 templates, icons, charts, a huge image library and unlimited custom services to ensure your infographics are unique. All it takes is three steps: Preview the theme in the gallery and choose one, select the material you want or upload it yourself between more than 1000 images in the gallery, and finally, share this infographic to the world.

  Google Charts

Google Charts provides the perfect data visualization for your site. From simple line charts to complex hierarchical tree diagrams, he has a huge selection of templates available in his chart library. Google charts is as open as the JavaScript class (classes), which you can customize on demand, but usually the default style will meet all your needs. All chart styles populate the data with the database table class (DataTable Class), which means you can easily convert the table type when choosing the perfect performance.


Raw is an open web app that can create vector graphics visualizations as needed. It is an abbreviation for the use of the LGPL license (the GNU Lesser general public LICENSE-GNU wide Universal Common license, many free software, which uses the GPL as its authorized statement), to allow for arbitrary downloading and modification. But Raw is just a web app, and the data you upload can only be processed in a Web browser, so there is no real server-side data interaction. You can export a visualization to a vector graphics (SVG) format or to a raster (PNG) format.


Icharts is a cloud-based trend prediction Vision analytics platform that quickly visualizes the results of complex business information, large-scale survey data, and dynamic Data research. It's fast and easy, but it can create compelling visual intelligence images based on real-time data, and can bring you a full range of information aggregation and information comparisons.


Gliffy can help you make professional-grade flowcharts, org charts, UML analysis diagrams (Unified Modeling Language, Unified Modeling Language), wireframes, technical drawings and more, and it's compatible with all browsers. Gliffy uses the HTML5 editor, which is twice times faster than Flash. It provides a readable URL address to present your analysis diagram, or you can share the results on social media. Simply drag and drop the graphics you want from the huge library, then click to select the desired format and customize your chart with simple re-election.


Canva makes it easy for everyone to design, and it provides everything you need to help you turn your ideas into brilliant designs. You can start with a custom layout or a blank page. The tools you need are in one place, and the simple interface doesn't limit your creativity. Just by searching and dragging, you can create a beautiful design, and those boring programming lets CANVA handle it. Canva can be used free of charge online.


With Highcharts you can create interactive charts for your website projects. Its users are very broad (61 of the world's 100 largest companies and thousands of developers are using it). If this software is used for personal websites or nonprofit organizations, it will be free of charge. Highcharts is built on HTML5, which runs on modern browsers, including mobile, tablet devices, and also supports outdated IE browsers (which are available after IE6). It is also dynamic, and you can freely add, remove, modify data columns (Series) and key points (Points). The app supports several types of charts: discounted, spline, area, curve area, histogram, bar, pie, scatter, and more.


Zingchart is a powerful library that provides users with the possibility to quickly create beautiful charts, dashboards and infographics. You can choose between hundreds of chart types, and your design and personalization requirements will not be limited. You can also enable your users to participate in your work through interactive chart features.


D3.js is the abbreviation for data-driven files (Data-driven documents), which he uses HTMLCSS and SVG to render wonderful charts and analysis diagrams. D3 's emphasis on web standards is sufficient to satisfy the possibility of being used on all major browsers, freeing you from the frustration of being bundled with other types of architectures, which combine visually awesome components with data-driven methods.


Timeline.js will make you fall in love with making beautiful timeline, because it's very simple and intuitive to operate. It's a 40-language open Source tool that lets you build your own visual interaction timeline, and can be placed into the media from a variety of sources, and now supports Twitter, Flickr, Google Maps, YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Dailymotion, Wikipedia, SoundCloud and so on. If you want to see a timeline case created by this app, please visit http://timeline.knightlab.com/.


Instantatlas enables information analysts and researchers to create interactive, dynamic distribution graph reports, combined with statistical data and map data to optimize data visualizations. If you are looking for a data mapping tool that can be mapped, then congratulations, that's it.


Wolframalpha called himself the computational knowledge engine and Google's rival in the field of analytics. The best thing about it is that you can respond to data requests without any configuration when you display the chart. If you're using public data, you can easily add visual data to your Web page with a simple widget builder.


Visual.ly is a comprehensive gallery and infographics generator. Its tools are simple, but can create bright-eyed data display works. In addition, you can share your images on its platform. He is able to express more deeply than the general visual analysis tool in the content.


Dipity is also a tool for making timelines that are useful for managing time and date related content on the site. Users can create and share their wonderful interactive timeline with a variety of content formats including audio, video and images, and even social media channels. It is essential for paper-media practitioners, journalists and bloggers.


If you're looking for a JavaScript library that can use both bitmap and SVG vector maps, then polymaps is exactly what you need. It is very fast for the multilevel scale datasets provided by the map, and it can support multiple visual representations of vector data. Even better, polymaps can load data on a large scale range. It uses the tile format of the spherical Mercator projection, so you can publish information quickly to your fingertips.


Excel is now part of the Microsoft Business Office suite, which offers some pretty and complex things, from unit heat maps to scatter plots. It's just an entry-level tool, but it's a quick and easy thing for beginners who want to explore data. You should definitely put it in the toolbox. However, if you can't get the Office suite, you can also try Google docs--they do the same thing (the author is definitely Microsoft Advanced Black).

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As you can see, there are a number of data visualization tools to choose from to help you understand your users in a more superior and insightful way. At the same time, there are many new products released every day, and these are the 21 most popular in the industry. Of course, the ruler is long, the inches are short, so far no data visualization tool is perfect. All I can do is try to recommend you try it yourself and combine them to maximize the utility to help you visualize your data.

Take it. Don't forget to come back and tell us your favorite.

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