2.14, Wuzhishan-Sanya, no Valentine's Day, we arrived at Sanya

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Open googleearth and you can see that there are two mountains in Hainan Island. 1. Li Mu Ridge, located in the middle to southwest China, has a highest peak of Yingge Ridge and an elevation of 1811. I believe there are many Li families in this mountain. The other is the Wuzhi mountains on the east of Li Mu Ridge, with the highest peak of Wuzhi mountains, it is 1867 above sea level and the highest mountain in Hainan. The middle of the two mountains is Changhua River. After taking the dash to Ledong, the second peak of the Li Mu Ling monkey Ridge is routed to the west into the sea.
Chongshan junling has brought inconvenience to traffic, but in the revolutionary age, it has also given birth to the red qiongya children of heroes. The qiongya column is centered on Wuzhishan and has successively carried out land reform, war of resistance against Japanese aggression, and war of liberation. For more information, see Qiongya column: http://baike.baidu.com/view/263406.htm
The National Highway 224 was built along the Changhua River in the ravine from qiongzhong, but in Mao Yang, it turned to the Wuzhishan mountains. It turned out to avoid another peak in the southern part of the Wuzhishan mountains, 1317 meters. The destination is Sanya and the starting point is Haikou. This is the midline Road.
Because we had climbed all the way to the bottom of the five fingers yesterday, and today we should have gone downhill.
If you go to Wuzhishan City, you will be able to see some of Miao Zhai's and the National Museum (marked on the travel map ). Almost all ethnic minorities in Hainan are now in Chinese, and some old ladies still carry blue cloth tapes on their heads (which can be seen in nansheng town ). However, maybe we didn't see it in the mountains. The unification of China's economic development also caused many folk customs to be assimilated by the Chinese. Maybe in the future, after you go to Xinjiang, Tibet, you will find that in addition to the original skin color of people's faces, the others are no different from those in Shanghai and Guangzhou. They speak Mandarin, I wear leather jackets and jeans. I only see ethnic museums.
After a mountain pass along a mountain span, we re-enter national highway 224 before the town of nansheng. Looking at the miles buried along the National Highway, the relentless and excited shouted, "224 kilometers have not been missed !", In the past, she wanted to take a picture on national highway 224 at the 224 km logo. After crawling a small slope, I finally found the logo, but the idiot has rushed over. Only four of us stayed to take a photo. I have also done this on national highway 325 in Beihai, Guangxi, See figure . After downgrading, they were moved by dummies and a group of self-driving drivers. They used to be the match school teachers (and later they knew they were their principals and directors ), A compliment makes us feel vanity. They are going to Wuzhishan to take a group photo after they know each other about the road conditions. I didn't think there was a 7-or 8-kilometer downhill front. A few kilometers later we went to Xiangshui town for lunch. They are about to leave immediately after lunch. My day, the sun, although the temperature is not high, compared to my summer vacation back to Sichuan. At last, I stayed at rest with the dummies, and the other three went first.
Then I went to work with dummies, And they waited for me at a reservoir. After the five-finger Mountain, the weather got hotter. In the afternoon, there were several kilometers of slopes. It was quite tiring. I bought a sugar cane and rode it to eat it. the taste was good. At five o'clock, we arrived at the town of Tiandong, Which is nine kilometers away from Sanya and decided to stay there because we were worried that Sanya would be more expensive. Match and dumb found several hotels to find a suitable bed for 25 yuan. In fact, this was the most expensive night on the journey.
Today is a special day for many people, and the wandering people are concerned. When I open my cell phone, I always want to receive something, but I don't receive anything. I always want to send something, so no one can enjoy the blessing from the end of the world. Therefore, I can only bless myself silently and lose myself in cigarettes.
I don't know what my behavior is for in the past year, what it is for, or what it is to escape? Let me know the time. The young heart will be wandering.

In the morning, the sun in Wuzhishan is about to dawn

Please come to Wuzhishan. Beautiful is with you

Pig is running faster than a dog.

On the way out of Wuzhishan

Curious ox family

Curious scalpers

People in the mountains

Forward along the valley

Working with wild flowers

Free pig ridicule

And the beautiful scenery of liangtian

And coconut tree guard on the side of the road

In this way, we walked out of Wuzhishan, Sanya, and we came!

Road and match their school teacher self-driving tour Hainan

224 km logo, a milestone

Supplement physical strength on the road

Guess what this is? Chilies grow on trees?

No, they are wood wool.

Slogans in vocational school, hope of rural children

There are many farms in Hainan, many of them, some planting rubber trees, and some planting fruit trees.

Rubber forest again

Winding roads lead to Sanya

Beside that reservoir

The dummies are so dark that they are memories of happiness.

Match Warwick wind, he wrapped the toilet paper on his leg to prevent sun protection

A dead tree root where people recall

No, because I got my ticket.

Li Miao Fengqing village on the side of the road in Tiandu town

I used the leg of a match, and the sun was so poisonous that it was ripe.

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