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2345 good pressure is the current use of a very large compression tool, however, 2345 good pressure in addition to compression, decompression function, 2345 good pressure also do not support the compression of many functions, such as: rapid extraction of the 07 version of Word pictures, merging several MP3 files and batch modification of file names. Now let's look at some of these features and how they work.

1. Quickly extract pictures from version 07 Word/powerpoint/excel

In version 2007 of Office, users no longer have the ability to store documents as a Web format for extracting pictures directly, as in version 2003. In the 07 version of the Word document as an example, the 07 version of the Word document than the 03 version of the volume is smaller, essentially a compressed package, right-click Rename, you can directly change the extension to zip, enter OK.

After renaming the zip file can be opened with good pressure, in the document name/word/media directory, you can find all the pictures in the document. Similarly, in the 07 version of PPT and Excel table, this method can also quickly extract document pictures.

2. Merge several MP3 files into one

Sometimes we need to make multiple MP3 into a playable file, such as a series of English listening to the synthesis of a file to find, or want to make their favorite songs into a continuous play of the collection. At this time can choose the software has mostly professional audio processing software, in the use of both the need for a certain degree of expertise, while this software is usually used to occupy large memory, slow speed.

Open the main interface, the tool menu has a "merge mp3 file" option, this gadget can quickly complete the work of merging MP3. Add the mp3 file that needs to be merged, enter the file name and click OK.

3. Batch modification of file names

Renaming a large number of files is also a common situation that we often encounter, a change to spend a lot of time not to say, you might also get the "mouse hand." Good pressure provides a thoughtful batch modification file name tool, only a few steps to fill in the Click, batch replace the characters in the file name, add prefixes and suffixes work can be completed efficiently.

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