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Now more and more people have bought the lottery ticket, but there are a lot of trouble, such as every run lottery points is not easy, buy what lottery tickets to be pondering half-day, each lottery also on time to keep in front of the television, missed a period is difficult to do, so someone began to choose to buy lottery tickets through the network. 2345 Smart Browser This is such a even buy lottery tickets can be arranged by the life of the browser, with it to buy a lottery ticket is much easier.

First we open the 2345 Smart Browser, and then set 2345 as the default home page, on the right side of this URL will be able to see the "lottery" professional web portal. Click the "Tools" in the upper right corner of the browser to select "Home Settings", and then the 2345 Web site navigation as the default browser home page, so that we open the browser directly into the 2345 Web site Navigation page.

Browser home page settings

Enter the lottery zone, the most conspicuous is the lottery information of all types of lotteries, Shuangse Qiu, lottery, lottery, betting, seven-star color, Grand Lotto and so on nationwide many popular lottery information can be timely inquiries. In addition, local color species can also be queried.

Lottery Area Lottery Information

Of course, the most important thing to buy lottery tickets is a "buy" word, now have 2345 smart browsers do not have to go to the outside of the lottery to buy, directly on the Internet can buy. Shuangse Qiu, Superenalotto, lottery, lottery, etc. can be purchased directly through 2345 Smart browsers.

In addition, on the Web page can also launch a buy, buy packages, these diverse professional purchase methods can be easily achieved.

It's easy to buy a lottery ticket

There is no doubt that the purpose of buying lottery tickets is to win, so blind to buy a pass is not workable, but with 2345 Smart browser "trend analysis" has become a matter of laws. Basic trend, size trend, parity analysis, hot and cold analysis, history lottery and so on these can become users to buy lottery guidance.

Analysis of the trend of lottery

In addition to these, 2345 Smart browsers also provide a number of professional lottery website and lottery tools to help people improve the "business level", increase the chance of winning.

Recommended lottery tools and Web sites

and 2345 Smart Browser also has a network of silver management functions, online Management network silver, easy to buy lottery ticket coherent, do not have to buy a lottery ticket toiled.

Network and silver Navigation management

2345 Smart Browser is a very living browser, has been to provide users with all kinds of convenient services, such as the purchase of utilities, mobile phone recharge, etc., in providing professional Web navigation at the same time further simplifying the user's operation. Think about how humane it is to be able to buy a browser that can even get a lottery ticket?

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