24 hours of night rain

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It is definitely not a whim to go to the book all night. The exam is over, and I haven't finished it yet. I want to prove it to everyone. I should at least tell myself that I have never been a learner. I have never been a loser.

It rained almost at four o'clock. I just got out of a place and set off my hat. The rain seems to have nothing to do with me. The rain burst into the leaves of the mango tree, and the air filled with the smell of dirt. I think I haven't been in the rain for a long time. I should have been in middle school the last time. The rain was so heavy that day. I rode my car all the way, and the rain fell into my face with a blunt knife, cold, can not say in my heart. Qz rain is gentle.

The sky is bright, and I am walking on the edge of the Mid Autumn Lake. The fish are so restless that they have jumped. In this very wet night, the three five smoke emits a unique rose aroma, throwing away the cigarette butts, in the dark night across a bright arc.

When I was confused, I suddenly flew into the classroom with two magpie magpies. I felt it several times above my head and flew away from the window.

In the morning, I insisted on taking notes in the library. I feel a little refreshed, but awake.


The so-called school School is a group of people who can explain why a pile of shit is so smelly with obscure words. The obvious characteristic is that a pile of shit can be regarded as beautiful.

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