24 text messages for girls

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1. it is said that a man is looking for his wife to climb three mountains. Can you please let me crawl two more blocks for your reason? Let me catch you early and wait for your answers, if you agree, please reply: I agree. If you do not agree, please reply: I agree. If you do not reply, you agree unconditionally by default.
2. Male: Can I ask you a question? You like sleeping on that side when you go to bed.
Female: Right. What's wrong.
Male: I have been sleeping on the left since today. I will keep the right for you.
Female: You ......
3. I heard that your mobile phone has no text message function, so I sent this text message to test. If you have received the text message and confirmed it was my text message, please reply to me: I have it, it's yours!
4. Love is just a touch of love. Love is deep love. I hope that in the future, we will return to our home together instead of sending you home.
5. When I first saw you, I said to myself: You are my goal in this life. I want to pursue you and embrace you. I want to announce that I love you ...... RMB.
6. My life became uncomfortable without your nickname. I hate the hateful third party for stealing you. Have you and him had new feelings? I want you to come back to my side-Wallet.
7. Shy, I have never dared to express myself to you, but today I finally have the courage: When will you invite me to dinner?
8. One chance to meet you, two times to pay attention to you, three times to four times to date you, miss you on the seventh day, 9 Cheng should like you, very sure I love you. If you believe in true love over a hundred years, do you have everything you want to do.
9. You little fairy, I love your poison but refuse to give me the antidote! Bad guy! Oh! I'm dying! Save me! The solution is simple: Give me your love!
10. I am not perfect, but I am very real. That is to say, I am not beautiful, but I am cool; I am not rich, but I am very happy; I am not successful, but I am confident; I am not passionate, but I know how to cherish.
11. I want to tell you a secret. Please read the back first, then look at the left, and then the right. Okay, please don't look around with your phone!
12. new Three from four virtues: the wife will follow the door, the wife will obey the command, the wife is wrong to follow the blind; the wife makeup to wait, the wife's birthday to remember, the wife is willing to pay, the wife to fight to endure

13. long time ink received your information, I am very distressed, I think of it, I used potato chips, cut the pulse, hit your head with tofu, and jumped over the building with a parachute, and used noodles for hanging, but all ink to death, please me let's take a look.
14. Once upon a time, a girl named gionina fell in love with a girl named sandd. They watched the stars together. When the meteor crossed the sky, they named it gionana sandstar.
15. in the morning, I can't eat any meals, because I miss you and I can't eat any meals at noon, because I miss you more and I can't eat at night, because I miss you crazy, and I can't sleep at night, because ............ I'm hungry
16. behind a truck is a prominent wooden card that says, "This car has collided with other vehicles 20 times, with a score of 17 wins and 2 draws, with only one slight loss. Please be careful !"
17. When you first took a swimming class, an hour later, you said to the coach, "I think, do you want to train here today ?" "Why ?" "I can't drink anymore ."
18. Emergency reminder: we are afraid of a tornado in recent days. We must carry two 10-kilogram dumbbells with us when we leave the house to avoid being pushed to the west by the storm. The weight must be doubled if the weight is less than 50 kilograms.
19. The pig will not speak, but will just hum with his nose. Just like some girls, they can't move: Hum!
20. I heard that your mobile phone has no text message function, so I sent this text message to test. If you have received the text message and confirmed it was my text message, please reply to me: I have it, it's yours!
21. The birds were pleasantly surprised to see the air whistling over a jet fighter. BIRD: Mom, how did the bird fly so fast? Mother Bird: Try it on your ass!
22. It's really tiring to marry my wife. I have to wash my legs and carry my back, and then I will sleep with my bed. It's like a bitter old society!
23. Just think about how you feel: no salt for cooking; not too sweet for apple; no smoke for drinking; no money for shopping. I will miss you when I have time. I will miss you when I have no time. If I have no time, I will miss you!
24. I saw a strange phenomenon, that is, some people who posted my post soon made the following things: 1. Love was successful; 2. Business was discussed; 3. I got a fortune. 4. My mood was good. 5. My family was harmonious. 6. My health was good. 7. Everything went well. This part of people is to look at them first, and read the brothers and sisters who are still at the top. Chairman Mao taught us: "You must stick to your posts !" Chairman Mao's words make sense. Is it so difficult to reply a post?

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