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France is a fashionable and romantic country, the Palace of Culture and art. In such fertile soil, under the collision of modern civilization and traditional classics, the French designers have a unique view of art and design, and diverse cultures give birth to the staggered polymorphic design works. There is no doubt that you can get inspiration from these incomparable French designers ' web pages and draw on nutrients.

The creative thinking of French designers and artists has their own unique cultural roots. Back to the history of France, from the early Celtic culture, to the Roman Empire era, from the Middle Ages to the modern, each stage has a bright culture. Medieval Merovenga dynasty art, Carolingian art, Renaissance also has baroque, Rococo, Classicism and neo-classicism, modern Impressionist, Post-impressionist, Pop art and surrealism is familiar. These layers of rich cultural heritage nourish the designers here, whether it is complex or psychedelic bizarre, there are traces to follow.

Next we look at the works of French designers:


Dior's web design is elegant and exquisite route, stylish and gorgeous video, with wonderful colors, full of tension and artistic style of typesetting, is definitely a model of excellent design.

Tissot T-touch

The shuttle's design team, when designing their product pages, added a lot of dynamic display effects, and the professional interaction design and the product's scientific and technological sense converged appropriately.


Quechua has always been a unique and original website design and civilization, it is worth mentioning that they can always integrate popular design trends into their web pages. Quechua the latest revision, the site added a large image background, exquisite icons and flat design.

Brice Darmon

Brice Darmon is a professional photographer, the eye-catching site is his personal work display page. The larger image in the page is used to balance the entire site's vision, highlighting the work, so Brice can also add a variety of elements to the rest of the site.

Jacob de Boer

Similar to the previous example, this is a very personal feature of the work of the display page. The black background also highlights the design of the artwork.

New Jumo Concept

The website uses the typical single page design, the black and white tonal background not only highlights the product, but also enhances the website style. In addition, the page layout is refreshing, layout rich form sense, to often do product display page of students, is a good case.

Take Your Pulse

Take Your Pulse page using a refreshing atmosphere of the layout, click directly to watch the use of video, absolutely intuitive. Click the menu button in the upper left corner to see the menu bar, the designer for the menu information to filter the arrangement, more functional.


The "Welcome" section of the page looks intriguing because it uses a movie-screen background. The background of the mystery and the dynamic effect will be linked, giving a very subtle feeling.

Make Me Pulse

The designer team effectively utilizes the concept of impulse to incorporate the Web site's name, slogan, and animation and response 3D backgrounds, strengthening the brand and concept in a holistic manner through reasonable design.

Celebrating Monogram

Designers to the concept of this brand into the website design, creating a stylish luxury atmosphere. Home to add a series of short video, the most intuitive way to present the essence of the brand.

Many Rivers

Wonderful Two-color collocation, high-quality photos, flat background, beautiful graphics, stylish atmosphere, with eye-catching dynamic effect, the entire site in the sense of business, calm, but not rigid.


Cold tone of the Piaget site presents a delicate and clear texture, the details in place of the watch side of the very eye-catching, and fashionable lining font together to create a high-end feeling.

Bottega Romana

Professional photography shows the elegant surroundings and delicious meals of the restaurant, and the carefully selected photos are enough to arouse the emotions and appetites of the visitors.


Nerisson This page with every detail of the power and creativity present in front of visitors, dark background to make the warm content eye-catching, full of tension background and fonts are impressive.

Paris La Nuit

Balanced blog layout, wonderful color and artistic style, so that the site visually shows the hotel's luxurious decoration and good atmosphere.


Econocom is a visual content rendering project created by flawless illustrations, each part of which is made up of subtle dynamic effects that complement the rich texture of the picture.

30,000 Sourires

The site is not an aggressive way to show people from all over the world smile, with the layout of the network format, balanced and natural. Web page Summary The blue elements of the peace shop content also enhance the web design sense.


Switch to Chrome or Firefox, and you can feel the pleasant experience of the site.

Velvet Hammer

Although the site layout is very common, but the background texture, color and other details are impressive.

Guillaume Bouvet

The site in the dynamic and interactive design is exquisite and intimate, implementation efficiency is also very good.


Simple and modern design style, full use of the expressive title and beautiful pictures, tall on both the sense of vision.

Immersive Garden

With the help of various design methods, the theme of "design, animation and development" is highlighted, and the field of this institution is vividly displayed.

The Korner

The Korner website is very attentive in interactive design, and the linkage between picture and content is very coordinated.


The Web page naturally guides the user's eyes from top to bottom, with design tips to keep users aware of critical moments and content. Clean visual elements and a flat style perfectly fit together.

SOS mobiles

Web design uses a refined effect chart and a purple color scheme, it is worth mentioning that the background of the Web page used the popular polygon, simple but not monotonous.


Compared with the rigorous German website, the enthusiastic Spanish website, the French designer has injected more fashionable and elegant atmosphere in the design of the webpage, the creativity is not lost in the first two, but is stronger in the artistic sense. So, which country do you like the style of the designer?

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