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For web designers and developers, creativity, experience, and expertise are indispensable. The most troubling of the work, however, is limited time, repetitive and trivial work, and a limited budget. That's why everyone is so hungry for dry goods, expecting good material, and templates. Yes, full of creativity, to cater to the trend of the HTML5/CSS3 Response page template, is all you need in one rescue artifact, good creative Plus, the source code set, there is a big map, expressive response-style layout, full-featured jquery plug-ins, good browser compatibility, all owned.

For developers and design, web design work is not finished. Different types of Web sites for the design of the different demands, from now on to collect a variety of web templates it. What if you could use it tomorrow? So you can start by collecting the following 25 response page templates.

1. Starta

Starta is an eyeball-grabbing web-responsive HTML5 page template that is designed to create beautiful content-Display Web sites and Web applications.

2. directive

This is a HTML5/CSS3 website template designed by Html5up, which is free to use in accordance with creative Commons license conditions.

3. Alpha

Alpha is also a free and beautiful HTML5/CSS3 page template, and it's very good for the mobile side.

4. Read only

Read only is also a beautiful response to the site template, the entire template design refreshing and simple, whether it is used for blogging or Web applications are a good choice.

5. Iridium

This is a free distribution based on the Creative Commons Attribution License Terms HTML5 Response site template, large background layout + Ghost button, once to meet your 3 wishes.

6. Kebrum

Kebrum is a flat wind product display response-type Web site template, is currently w3layouts free distribution. You can easily adjust the template, no matter what the product you want to release, always make you handy.

7. Productively

Productively is also a flat wind response web design template, the main feature is the mobile end of the product display. Although template design is cool, you can easily modify styles as required.

8. Flat Design Portfolio Template

This presentation template has two modes, one is the traditional multi-page display, the other is the popular one-page Web site model.

9. Dewi

Dewi is a free Multipurpose HTML5/CSS3 Web page template that is easy to customize. can be commercial, but also can be used to make enterprise stations, works display stations or customized. Dewi is based on Bootstrap to make, the scope of application is very wide.


Resi is a refreshing modern web design template, as a responsive template can easily adapt to different size resolution of the screen, compatible with mobile-side browsers.


Blueasy is a well-designed, flat-response web Design template based on Bootstrap. This template can be easily tailored to meet the needs of different users.

Snow Boarding

Snowboarding is a Web page template designed for sports electric dealers, and is based on Bootstrap.


Arsha is also in line with the current mainstream design, simple and modern, based on Bootstrap 3.2来 production. After using this template, browsing on a variety of terminals is easy and natural.


Green is a good response HTML page template that can make your business a lot better.


Horizons is a free, responsive HTML5 Web page template, provided by templated, subject to the terms Creative Commons attribution.

Burn Studio

Burn Studio is also a free HTML5 responsive Web Template that only requires a little tweaking of the parameters in the CSS, and Media queries can help you adapt your site to a variety of screens and terminals.


Dopetrope is also a free responsive HTML5 page template, designed by the designer AJ for Html5up. Use of this template needs to follow CCA terms, both personal and commercial.


This is a dynamic Single page scrolling page template, suitable for personal display and relatively simple personal site.


The need to do beautiful time axis type of the site's friends blessed, this response-style Web Template is just in line with your needs, its design simple, and widely used.


Conquer this response site template is designed based on bootstrap V3.1.1 for single-page Web sites and scrolling layouts. The photo gallery also contains a response-style picture Display tool, Lightbox.


Learner is a flat wind responsive web template tailored for the education sector, which is provided exclusively by W3layouts. Of course, this template can also be used for products such as the site, the mobile end of the support is also very good.


The use of yellow-tone response site template is based on bootstrap 3来 production, color is very eye-catching, but also very easy to highlight the content of the site.


Artcore is a HTML5 Web page design template that includes a total of 12 pages. The homepage uses the refreshing color matching, and combines the typical waterfall flow design. A single column, two-column, and three-column layout can be used in the Project Presentation section.


Meilleur is a professional, multi-purpose single page response page template, also based on the Bootstrap 3 framework to design.


As the name suggests, Rainbow, this is a variety of colors of the Web Design template, for mobile web browsing optimization is very good, so the designer in this template also adopted a single page design.

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