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  • He easily uses animated subtitles, responsive la S and touch screen mobile devices to support jQuery's image gallery. You can easily add unlimited slides and titles. Use it as the image slider, Image Library, shoulder flag, banner ad, and even introduction.

JQuery's slider plug-in is on the jQuery user interface, which is a jQuery UI plug-in of the javascript script library. The jQuery slider plug-in allows you to create image slides on your website. With the slides, you may have seen the picture automatically from right to left or from left to right. Then you can click the corresponding icon (usually an arrow on the left and right sides of the screen or button, such a small white hole), the image will be re-displayed, this effect is the jquery slider plug-in. We recommend 30 psd files for jquery slide yesterday. Today we can use this effect,

Then many different types of these slide plug-ins are paid for on the Internet. Today, I will give you the free recommendations from my favorites. If you like them, you must add them to your favorites. You can use them as needed next time.

1. Flexslider

An awesome and fully responsive jQuery slider plug-in. Simple syntax markup, compatible with all major browsers, horizontal/vertical slides, and fade-in and fade-out animations.

Demonstration and download 2, Full screen Slit Slider

Our idea is to open the current slide when navigation to the next or previous slice. With jQuery and CSS animations, we can create a unique slide transition.

Demo and download 3. Moving Boxes

Demonstration and download 4. Blueberry

Blueberry is an experimental open-source jQuery image slider plug-in that has been written into specialized work and fluid/Response Network la S.

Demo and download 5. Nivo Slider

16 unique transition effects, simple cleansing and effective marking, set to adjust load, built-in orientation and navigation control, weight only 12 kb.

Demo and download 6, a beautiful content Slider

The data source of this plug-in uses the defined PHP file as the data storage.

Demonstration and download 7. Coin-operated Slider


Demonstration and download 8J Cover Flip

Demo and download 9. Slide JS (free)

SlidesJS is a simple jQuery slide plug-in. He has a complete set of features to help beginners and senior developers create elegant and user-friendly slides. SlidesJS provides limited support, but if you find an error, please submit an error where you can review the link to briefly describe a problem.

Demonstration and download 10. Slider

Demonstration and download 11 simple JQuery slides

JQuery's simple photos also have a relatively lightweight advantage, JavaScript and CSS are slightly less than 2.1kb.

Demo and download 12. Colorful Slider

Demo and download 13. WmuSlider  

A jQuery response with support for touch and AJAX image gallery slide.

Demonstration and download 14. Responsive Image Gallery


You can choose to download the following plug-ins for free or paid download. Royal Slider ($12) He easily uses animated subtitles, responsive la S and touch screen mobile devices to support jQuery's image gallery. You can easily add unlimited slides and titles. Use it as the image slider, Image Library, shoulder flag, banner ad, and even introduction.

Demo and download 16 Unoslider (900)

The UNO slider is an infinite transition animation (actually a jQuery content slider plug-in)Unlimited!) And a wide range of features like touch functions, mobile optimized interfaces, animation layers, responses and many other features, feature components.

Demo and download 17. Sexy Slider ($7)

Sexy slider is a jQuery plug-in that allows you to easily create a very beautiful transition effect, powerful JavaScript slider. Improve your website by adding unique and attractive slide!

Demo and download 18. Advanced Slider ($12)

The plug-in also provides an easy-to-use API that allows you to further improve the slider function and integrate it into your own applications.

Demonstration and download 19. Avia Slider ($12)

AviaSlider is a very flexible and easy-to-use image set of truly unique jQuery slide plug-ins.

Demonstration and download 20 Layer Slider ($10)

This is a jQuery content slider that uses the famous parallax effect! You can create many layers and sub-layers as long as you want. You can use images or any other HTML elements, including Flash movies as layers. The script is very user-friendly. You can add global settings or set each layer or child layer locally (each slide.

Demonstration and download 21. Estro ($12)

Meaning "Estro" "creativity", "talent" or "Inspiration", in Italy, is an extension for this beautiful slider decoration. For the design of this slider, we want to create a job price to form the core of your next Web Project. The design and execution of a starting point will inspire you and boost your work.

Demo and download 22 Rama-The jQuery Slider Plugin (600)

His slider plug-in animations work with the slide transition effects of your images and text, full library (21 transition and 10 object animation effects available ). Easy to install, state-of-the-art conversion and text animations define fresh line styles. Custom conversion/animation stack to view objects on each page! All you need is a small HTML and CSS custom slider.

Demo and download 23. Paradigm Slider jQuery Plugin (700)


Demo and download 24. Ken Burner (10 yuan)


Demonstration and download 25. JQuery One By One Slider Plugin ($5)

This plug-in is a powerful jQuery plug-in lightweigh. You can use it to display your image and text 1. Css3's animation is driven by animate.css. It is mobile friendly and supports left/right touch device wiping Like iPhone and iPad. You can drag and drop the mouse to navigate.

Demo and download



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