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jquery Form plug-in allows you to create a variety of table layouts, table layout is the most common layout of newspapers and magazines, the current site is also very common, in this article, I recommend to you 25 jquery table plug-in, you can arbitrarily control the table rows and columns, with text and pictures to fill. I use the top-level to describe these plugins, and I'm sure you'll find them cool after you get to know them.

1. gridify

Gridify is a lightweight jQuery plugin that is used to create a similar Pinterest image loading grid plugin. Supports image loading events, supports window scaling events, supports very long height entries, supports dynamic item widths, and supports animations (CSS3 transition).

2. Freewall

Freewall is a cross-browser and responsive jquery plugin to help you create multiple types of grid layouts: flexible layouts, image layouts, nested grids, fluid grids, metro style layouts, and similar Pinterest layouts .... It also has beautiful CSS3 animation effects and callback events. Freewall is all-in-one solution. You can create dynamic grid layouts for desktops, mobile, and tablets.

3. Responsive Equal Height Blocks

Responsive Equal Height blocks is implemented with JavaScript and CSS. It actually shows the list on a per-line basis, with the highest entry in each row setting and the location of the other entries.

4. Matchheight.js

Matchheight.js can make the height of all selected elements exactly equal. This is a more powerful plug-in with the same height, correctly handling mixed fills, margins, borders, box sizes, rows, groups. It automatically updates the image-processing and responsive layouts when needed.

5. Gridmanager.js

Gridmanager allows you to create, record, update, delete rows and columns in a tabular layout, create a grid layout of editable regions, and edit each grid to define the size and quantity of the table and adjust its position. Gridmanager requires jquery, jQueryUI, and Bootstrap 3.x, with optional TINYMCE ckeditor.

6. S Gallery

S Gallery is a plugin for the jquery picture collection, which displays your images in a responsive table. It's inspired by Sony's products, and when an entry is selected, the previous/Next button appears in the interface, and you can also go back to the overall table layout by clicking on another location.

7. Elastic Columns

Elastic columns is a lightweight, responsive grid layout plug-in that makes it very easy to define meshes by width values to monitor the size of the browser's adaptive grid display.

8. Mason.js

Mason.js is a jquery plugin that cleverly fills the gap in the grid. When a grid is created, the plug-ins begin to calculate these gaps and then populate them with predefined elements or content copied in the grid. You can define the size of the element used, the size of the column/row, the size of the breakpoint, or whether the layout is flowing or fixed.

9. Rowgrid.js

Rowgrid.js is a very small, lightweight jQuery plug-in that can be aligned to the image and is responsive to unlimited scrolling.

Ten. bttrlazyloading

The bttrlazyloading is a jQuery plugin for responsive image lazy loading that allows the user's web app to delay the loading of pictures until the image scrolls. Bttrlazyloading offers four different screen size versions: Mobile (<768PX), tablet (≥768px), Desktop (≥992px) and large desktop (≥1200px).


Jqgrid is a jquery plug-in for displaying grid data, which makes it easy to implement Ajax asynchronous communication between front-end pages and background data by using Jqgrid.


Masonry is a very useful jquery page Layout plug-in, it can remove the gap between the different heights of the Div, so that your Web page looks more neat, beautiful!

JQuery shapeshift

jquery Drag plugin shapeshift, drag and drop can be rearranged in a container or even in multiple items to make the container deform. Dragging elements around them can change their index position in their parent container.

JQuery Nested

Nested is a dynamic grid layout that helps you create multiple columns, unlike other similar class libraries or jquery plugins, which help you remove all gaps. Using this plugin it will help you scan all the gaps in order to reorder the elements, similar to other class libraries or plug-ins, but the nested final step will help you scale the elements to eliminate all spacing.

HeadsUp Grid

The HeadsUp grid is characterized by its ability to show different styles on different platforms.

Wookmark JQuery Plugin

Wookmark jquery plugin is a jquery plugin that is used to achieve the Web layout effect of today's popular waterfall streams.

. JQuery Waterfall

JQuery Waterfall is a multi-column waterfall flow layout with the LI tag to scroll the page image of the mouse scrolling unlimited load effect.


Grid-a-licious is an easy-to-use JQuery plugin that can be used to create a responsive waterfall flow layout that automatically adapts to the width of different devices. You can set the width of the parameter and the speed, delay and so on when the dynamic display, the customization is relatively high.


Gridster.js is a jQuery plugin for building intuitive, drag-and-drop layouts that support multi-column layouts, and you can dynamically add and remove elements from a table.


Gridly is a web-formatted drag-and-drop jquery plug-ins, this plug-in interaction is good, we will show some mobile animation when dragging, the effect is very good.

This plugin has other features such as close, click to enlarge, add modules, and so on.

College Plus

Collageplus is a jquery form plugin that allows you to define the distance between images and add borders to them via CSS.


Griddy is a lightweight plugin, but it can achieve almost all the effects, many properties are optional, such as the number of rows, rows, columns, sizing, colors and so on ...

JQuery Grid ' Em Plugin

Jqgridview is the new, rich-client, XML-based, Ajax grid plugin for the jquery library. Jqgridview provides professional solutions to represent and edit tabular data on the web. Well-designed, with a powerful scripting API, this editable mesh is very simple for DHTML with XML configuration and shows compelling results with a lot of data. Jqgridview can easily perform well expectations (managed via CSS). Jqgridview does not platform according to the plug-in, it can be used for different network programming platforms, such as: ASP technology. NET/ASP, PHP, Java, CGI scripts, etc. jqgridview have been highly bowser compatible.


Ingrid has made a lot of simplification in the operation of data filling, which seems to be more grounded gas.


Jui_datagrid is an Ajax jQuery form plug-in that can be used to manipulate tabular data, customize themes through simple and powerful APIs, localize support, and more.

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25 top-of-the-art jquery form plugins

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