25 years ago today, I came to this ape ball.

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This ape ball is really good, apes occupy a great industry ~ ~

After graduating from high school has not how to write the article, the graduation time feel oneself finally liberated, the main reason is my writing level that is not the ordinary dish, to the writing not to be cold, writes an article to resemble the injection. Recently read some about the role of the blog, whether it is not as a literary enthusiast or God Horse Program Ape class, should write something to record their own, save the old day after the discovery of their own what even their own can not remember, memories of the past, Nei face ah.

Cut to the point, the main purpose of this article is to commemorate their own, by the way what to do, how many things to do, what is now doing, how to do, the past how to do, how to do. It's like tongue twister, what the hell. Alas, that's what it means.

First say before, what is before, to the current point before the time is called their own before it, Fanfan said it, before the total feeling that they want to do a lot of things well, remember when the university when the main Web project done on what various languages look, That use Java and SSH framework plus MySQL database, asp+access database has been written, God horse tomcat cat source code, what database Mysql,access,oracle, have been contacted, sometimes also look at some front-end things, css+js Look at the various front-section frames (json,jquery), even have seen Flex, and later used to learn something to write some of the school department site, for others to write graduation design, have done Unicom project, university feel is still quite substantial, but I feel a lot of things are not now feel a lot of forget. But on the whole, the past is full but not successful, because there has been no feeling of where excellent, although always feel that they are a good child to learn, but have to admit that my wood head melon seeds can not turn, learning slow, slow response, this child is estimated to be hopeless, or to be alive ~ ~

Now, this is the moment, now engaged in the game development industry, people say to do a line to love, I think I am not too inflow, you see people generally have a few of their own special hobby of the game, to touch a World of Warcraft ah, or play a DotA ah nothing can also group A Hero league, A group of God-like opponents and pig-like teammates. I was the idea that I had always instilled myself as a good child, and that it was not a good boy to see the letter playing games. Later found that do not play so much, in fact, play the game is not to say how how to maim children, how to play, if you can play a good thing that is really gray often cool, otherwise it is a pleasure, A friend circle, I have a little regret it also ~ ~ Back to the topic, the game industry's own also feel quite a bit laborious, although the program ape do program does not speak what language, sometimes you if you do not, now learn to really some of the brain, I feel the head to touch the brain, now to their own that is really 10 dissatisfied, Technology is not solid, so now one of the goals is to be strong in their technical skills. Well, to be strong in their own skills it is true ... Back to the technology, now mainly in the C + + and Lua script to do the game within the function development, the game has a very powerful modules, just started to get up or some confused, and now actually did not turn over, there are many modules such as data access module, log module, item Management NPC Management Buff System, Equipment play, client performance Ah, voice, load balance AH (grasp can think of a Hulie AH) and so on feel much better. To do a good job in the game industry or to study a lot of drops, mainly to concentrate on the meticulous piece of a piece to study, well, to study ...

The future, the very broad, what is the future, do not know, but the future in order to make money to buy a house to find a wife, said very vulgar no big pursuit, but even basic can not guarantee what to talk about after the big business, not no, hey, first step to achieve the goal before I can not do a big business it ~ ~

This article to commemorate some of their own past 25 years, but also in this article to commemorate the 25 years ago came to this ape ball I ~ ~

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