254 Shades of Grey

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Why would we want to stop for only shades of grey? Let's see how many we can go.

Write a function that takes a number n as a parameter and return an array containing n shades of the grey in hexadecimal code (for #aaaaaa example). The array should is sorted in ascending order starting with #010101 , #020202 etc. (using lower case letters).

using System;public static class shadesOfGrey(int n) { // returns n shades of grey in an array}

As a reminder, the grey color is composed by the same number of red, green and blue: #010101 , #aeaeae , #555555 , etc. Also, and is not #000000 #ffffff accepted values.

When n was negative, just return an empty array. If n is higher than 254, just return an array of 254 elements.

Has fun

usingSystem;usingSystem.Collections.Generic;usingSystem.Linq; Public classKata { Public Static string[] Shadesofgrey (intN) {//returns n shades of Grey in an array            string[] Array =NULL; if(N <=0) {Array=New string[] { }; }            Else            {                if(N >254) {n=254; } List<string> list =Newlist<string>(); stringstr =string.                Empty;  for(inti =1; I <= N; i++) {str= i.ToString ("X2"); STR="#"+string. Join (string. Empty, Enumerable.repeat (str,3)); List.                ADD (str); } Array=list.            ToArray (); }            returnArray; }    }

The other person's wording

usingSystem; Public classkata{ Public Static string[] Shadesofgrey (intN) {  string[] arr =NULL; N= N <=0?0: (N >254?254: N); if(N >0) {arr=New string[n];  for(inti =1; I <= N; ++i) {arr[i-1] =string. Format ("#{0:x2}{1:x2}{2:x2}", I, I, I); }         }         returnarr;}}

The following one still needs to learn

Use of Math.min and Math.max

and the use of LINQ, select can be converted directly to array

usingSystem;usingSystem.Linq; Public Static classKata { Public Static string[] Shadesofgrey (intcount) {    if(Count <0) Count=0; returnEnumerable. Range (1, Math.min (Count,254))      . Select (x=string. Format ("#{0:x2}{0:x2}{0:x2}", X)) .  ToArray (); }}

254 Shades of Grey

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