256 Webmaster Tools for optimization Analysis of template Web site

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Before we published an article "256 Template official website point SEO optimization analysis record" records the site some basic ranking situation, as well as the site collection, snapshots and other situations. Through the comparison of the previous site, we found that Baidu's 256 template network included in the speed or very fast, to achieve the same day can be included in the speed, in general or relatively satisfactory, below we come to specific analysis.

After comparison, we find the following content:

1. Site Snapshot

The home page of the snapshot is slow, the display is in the 24th snapshot, it is estimated that the content of the first page update a little, thought we just updated an article, it seems to try to add the article.

2. Keywords Ranking

By contrast we found that www.256256.com weave dream template keyword rose to 32, it seems that the benefits of original article is still very large, Baidu can be recognized. But other key words have dropped, the fall is not very large, still floating.

3, Baidu included

Collected on the comparison found that the temporary has not risen and declined, may Baidu has not been released, 360 search is shown, on 360 search or some think, it seems that 360 is also very powerful.

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256 Webmaster Tools for optimization Analysis of template Web site

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