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If you are also fascinated by the British wind, then you must be familiar with the "Keep Calm and Carry on", this famous slogan can be traced up to 1939 years. With the popularity of the British wind and the rapid development of the Internet, there are many variants of this phrase, such as the designer's version: "Keep calm and ... Design ". These interesting cultural phenomena, not only inspired the British creativity, but also indirectly spawned a number of excellent British websites.

As a European country with a long history and a unique personality, Britain has a rich cultural and artistic heritage, as "Keep calm and ... Design "so classical and modern interactive designs for the British designers is simply a handy, harmonious nature." In addition to this unique creative feature, the UK web site has one unique characteristic: the close collaboration of artists from England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, and the integration of different areas of culture and art into the site.

These gifted designers come together to extract material from a heavy historical heritage and multicultural modern culture, forming a Web site. Here, you can see the very modern simple flat design, you can also see the opposite, full content, rich details and rich texture of the retro design, as well as the use of originality of the dynamic story of the single page, interactive complex visual cool fashion site, and full of traditional design but the implementation of the "British Old school" Web design.

Audience Entertainment

Audience Entertainment Use the user experience design to tell the story, for their brand name. Do not hesitate to open up this site to experience the exciting design of the scene and enjoy the fun of browsing.

Reebok lookbook

Want to effectively promote your costume design? First look at how Reebok is creating a vivid, intuitive online lookbook that is currently showing a fantastic video of the sport theme.


P&co is a very modern and fashionable online store, unlike other peers, P&co's website is visual design driven, Full-screen navigation based on the picture can explain its unique.

Long Story Short

Most of the time you don't have to push the design to a certain extreme to stand out, and many design solutions are not complicated. This is a Web site called "Long story short", where careful design of content, careful selection of typography, and control of details can lead to overwhelming victories.

Live to change

The highlight of this site is its fascinating story presentation, with illustrations and real pictures and statistics intertwined, memorable and extremely interesting, prompting you to "read" to the end. The thought-provoking information is cleverly displayed by the information map, and every visitor will be moved by it.


AKQA is a neat and exquisite online work display site, can effectively present brand design, enhance brand influence. Although it does not look like many other similar sites so exquisite, but the classic black and white color scheme, simple and sharp font, and good layout is absolutely an excellent display of the work of the platform.

McDonalds Mcburger

If you are cargo then be sure not to miss this site! Vibrant graphics and extremely good color schemes can make your appetite go away. The site's carefully prepared tests will prompt users to choose the burger they really like, and then gradually lead them to focus on the sandwiches (well, the British people seem to be so creative about eating).

World Baking Day

This is another food-related site-the World Baking Day. With illustrations, vector graphics and bold personalized decorative fonts and colors, web designers try to get your appetite out of the way.

Electric Mainline

Stunning content display makes electric Mainline this site full of positive energy. The site creates a warm atmosphere with a stack of translucent orange and eye-catching white banners.


Lush is a grid based design of the site, the image is precisely arranged in the boxy block, the page can easily adapt to a variety of screens, pleasing, quite fun.

British Airways

This is the website of British Airways, full of modern design, with exquisite professional pictures, let you find the experience on the site above the clouds.

Mr President.

This site has broken the traditional sense of the Web site layout well-known, in the flat asymmetric structure, the full use of a variety of eye-catching elements, in fact, can be said to be disorderly in order, is worth learning.

Pollen London

When you open pollen London, you will clearly realize that everything about this site revolves around the beauty of fashion. The big picture of clear fashion welcome you at the first moment of opening the website, full of recognition brand display, all of which set the tone for the whole website.

Riley ' s Cycles

Riley ' s Cycles this site is simply a model of modern grunge-style web design, with a slightly bizarre combination that pushes individuality and texture to the extreme.

Clicky Media

To demonstrate a team's professionalism and strong personality, clicky Media chooses to give up the smelly and long propaganda, using three full-screen images to showcase their three features, persuading you to "set yourself on the same frequency as them".

Sleep deprivation

To tell a good story, the interactive model of the site has many successful cases to learn. The site uses a button + scrolling way to interact, with wonderful illustrations and playful little animations to show you all the details of the story.

Paul Mitchell

The site's menu uses the current popular burger cuisine, bold typography, high quality photos and minimalist layout, and the design team is clearly in a position to handle the tastes of today's users.


The website design lets the person front a light, the commendable performance is also very outstanding. If you want to learn about popular or cutting-edge web development/design technologies, this station may give you more ideas.

We Are E3

The site tries to peel off all the distractions that make you completely focused on what the site is showing.

Digital bodies

The slightly humble illustrations give the site a pleasant and playful experience, diluting the seriousness of the atmosphere. The remainder is also very simple and intuitive, and the content is well-organized and accurate.


Super-looper This site is very interactive, very attractive and lets you interact with music. Give the website a few minutes, it can let you completely high up.


The site contains a wealth of pictures, but thanks to good optimization, web browsing smooth, will not be a burden on users, with colorful geometric structure to cover the screen, looks quite beautiful.

Classic Cars on the big screen

There are more and more informatization projects. This site is through the exhibition of many classic cars, plus the story of these classic models, with official data. In this site can rise posture can also learn to design, once meet your two wishes.

Red ' s True BBQ

This is also a grunge wind site, different design elements and artistic fonts together, so that the entire page more creative, but also more beautiful. Red is the main color of the site, but also very stimulating people's appetite.


The engage site uses its highly artistic hand-drawn backgrounds, exquisite icons, fluent typography, yellow main tones and hand-painted graphics to presses creativity.

Icons Mind

This is a rather professional icon design site, the site through a variety of different ways, revealing the pros and cons of different logo design.


Britons often give a traditional sense of tradition, but today's British designers have few websites that are completely traditional, with new technologies and new solutions that make web design more modern and more likely. Next, which national designer's web works do you want to see?

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