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1. Looks are not annoying. If they are not good, they will make themselves angry. If they are not talented, they will always smile.

2. temperament is the key. If fashion is hard to learn, I would rather be simple.

3. When shaking hands with people, you can hold them for a while. Sincerity is treasure.

4. Do not use "I" as the subject.

5. Do not borrow money from friends.

6. Do not "force" guests to view your family album.

7. When talking to someone, please sit by the driver first.

8. Stick to saying good words to others behind the scenes. Don't worry that these good words won't reach the ears of the client.

9. When someone says something bad in front of you, you only smile.

10. drive your own car. Don't stop and say hello to a bicycle-riding colleague. People will think you are showing off.

11. When a colleague is ill, visit him. Naturally, he sat in his bed and went home to wash his hands seriously.

12. Don't let people know everything in the past.

13. respect those who do not like you.

14. Do not do things to people; or do things heartless, to people to love; or do things first, do things second.

15. self-criticism is always trustworthy, and self-praise is not.

16. Nothing can improve your bowling score better than the onlookers. Therefore, do not hesitate for your cheers.
17. Do not take others' good deeds for granted. Be grateful.

18. The "ba ge" on the banyan tree was talking, but he did not listen. The results were in a mess. Learn to listen.

19. Respect the masters in the data transmission room and the aunts who engage in hygiene.

20. Remember to start with "we" when talking.

21. applaud everyone singing on stage.

22. You may want to know that your diamond ring is very expensive! Sometimes, you cannot ask questions, for example, how old are you?

23. Too many words will be lost, and fewer words will be spoken when there are too many people.

24. Change "no" that has not been exported to: "This takes time", "I try my best", "I'm not sure", and "when I decide, I will give
You call "......

25. Don't expect everyone to like you. That's impossible. Making most people like you is a result of success.

26. Of course, you should like yourself.

Add one:
If you want to continue when you are performing or giving a speech, even if there is no one to listen to, because this is your way to success, it is the cradle of your success. You don't want to see people succeed, but you want to succeed.

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