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See 265 Network technology company president Cai Wen wins, his 265.com has been transferred from the marvellous courtyard to move out to Beijing East three ring edge from the international trade not far from the city of Fuli.

Many people have described the courtyard: "The courtyard is located in the Beijing Palace near the South Pool, although adjacent to the bustling Wangfujing Street, this alley is isolated like quiet and serene." Is optimistic about the quiet here, Cai Cai decided to live here, because this make quiet in the small courtyard, very much like his hometown in Fujian.

From the courtyard back to the periphery of the international trade, although let some people surprised, in fact, it is his 265.com development process is inevitable: from the individual personal website to meet the rules of the Internet development of commercial websites.

The internet businessman of Fujian Shishi

Describing its founder, Mr. Cai, as an internet prescient, according to the status quo of 265.com, is obviously funny to anyone who knows him well, but his net experience is indeed legendary in some way.

"I was late in the Internet, and the internet started in 2000, and it was almost at the beginning of the dotcom bust," Mr. Cai, who has always confessed.

It is hard to say that the experience of self-deprecating or self-proclaimed is really hard to find in other Internet entrepreneurs, not to mention that Cai himself is now 35 years old, and the rise of China's internet is not an ignorant child.

"I didn't get into the internet before, basically it was not amorites with the network. We all feel the need for highly educated people to play the Internet, in fact, I read very little ", Cai Wen to describe their past."

However, although he only read a high school, but his birthplace and the family environment to a large extent determines his Internet road.

Even now, Cai Wen's pursuit of business interests is still very much in keeping with its role as a Fujian Shishi-not reading too much, but thinking about doing business.

In 1985 Cai Wen won the senior School of the era, because of historical traditions and coastal geographical advantages, Shishi has become the country's most developed garment processing and trade, the people of business in Shishi not strange. Cai Wen family has to do clothing, but also to do real estate, the environment of Mr. Cai later turned to do the internet has a great impact.

"I'm telling my family that I'm doing the internet and they don't even understand what I'm doing," he said. But they know that the Internet earns money and will support it, and Cai Wen the formation of his business values.

Under the influence of this kind of environment, in the middle of the 80 's, the Mr. Cai began to follow the family to do the traditional trade of goods such as clothing, one is 8 years.

One of the characteristics of Fujian businessmen is not willing to develop in the local, but like to go overseas, rather than looking for business opportunities in the country, Mr. Cai is no exception.

1993, in the climax of Chus, young competitive Cai Wen tired of the cycle of Shishi apparel trade, he felt that if the status quo, his development space will be very limited, he began to aspire to the outside world.

So, Mr. Cai went abroad this year. In the next 6 years, he traveled to Southeast Asian countries, while continuing to run the traditional trade in the family.

"The family environment and overseas experience of Fujian Shishi have the greatest influence on my life's struggle, make me like to do some risky things, only to do the things that can make money", this is Mr. Cai often stressed that one of their strengths, but also decided that later Cai Wen will take the road to the Internet, but also make him always in a pure business perspective of the Internet industry, So far it's more like a typical internet businessman than an internet-lover-born entrepreneur.

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