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Search engine Policy

Ranking first among the main search engines with the most important keywords of the website, which is the most important strategy for search engine promotion. The search robot spiders of the search engine automatically searches for webpage content. Therefore, the search engine policy starts from optimizing the webpage.

1. Add a webpage title ).

Write a descriptive title with 5-8 words for each page. The title should be concise. Remove the unimportant words "the," "and," and describe the most important content of the page and website. The webpage title will appear on the link of the search result page, so you can write it a little more inflammatory to attract the searcher to click the link. The webpage title is located between the webpage code in the form. At the same time, you can write your company name and your most important keywords on the homepage, not just the company name.

2. Add descriptive meta tags.

In addition to the webpage title, many search engines will find the meta tag. This is an explanatory text that describes the content of the webpage body. The sentence should also contain the keywords and phrases used on this page. This sentence is placed between the webpage code in the form
For example:
Currently, meta tags with keywords have little help for ranking, but sometimes meta tags are used in paid login technology. Who knows when the search engine will pay more attention to it?

3. Enter your keywords in bold text (generally the title of the article) on the webpage.

The search engine attaches great importance to bold text and thinks this is an important part of this page. Therefore, make sure to write your keywords in one or two bold text labels.

4. Make sure that keywords appear in the first section of your body.

Search engines want to find your keywords in the first text. However, it cannot be filled with too many keywords. Google regards 100-2 keywords in every 1.5 words in the full text as the best keyword density and can get a good ranking. Other places where you can consider placing keywords can be in the alt tag or comment tag of the Code. 5. The navigation design requires easy search engine search.

Some people use frameworks in the production of web pages, but this is a serious problem for search engines. Even if the search engine finds your content page, it may miss the key navigation column, so that it cannot enter other pages. The navigation buttons made with Java and flash look beautiful, but the search engine cannot find them. The remedy is to use the regular HTML link at the bottom of the page to create a navigation bar, so that you can access each page of the website through the link of this navigation bar. You can also create a website map or link each page. In addition, some content management systems and e-commerce directories use dynamic web pages. The URLs of these pages are usually followed by question marks with numbers. Over-working search engines often stop before question marks, the search will not continue. In this case, you can change the URL and pay-as-you-go logon.

6. For some important keywords, we will create several pages.

Search engine optimization experts do not recommend any fraudulent transition pages for the search audio, because these pages are almost copied and may be punished by the search engine. However, you can create several webpages, each containing different keywords and phrases. For example, you do not need to describe all your services on a certain page. Instead, you need to create a separate page for each service. In this way, each page has corresponding keywords. The content of these pages contains targeted keywords rather than general content, which can improve the ranking.

7. Submit a webpage to the search engine.

Find the "add your url." link on the search engine. The search robot will automatically index the web page you submitted. The most famous search engines in the United States are Google, Inktomi, Alta Vista and tehoma. These search engines provide search content to other major search engines and portals. In Europe and other regions, you can publish to regional search engines. As for spending money to ask someone to help you submit "hundreds of thousands" of search engines, you are spending money on it. Do not go to those free for all pages websites, that is, to automatically submit your website to hundreds of search engines for free. This type of submission is not only ineffective, but also brings you a lot of spam, and may cause search engines to punish your website.

8. Adjust the important content page to improve the ranking.

Make some adjustments to the pages you think are the most important (maybe the homepage) to improve their ranking. There are some software that allows you to check the current ranking, compare the ranking of competitors with the same keyword as yours, and obtain the preferred statistics of the search engine on your web page, to adjust your own page. You can use webposition gold (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/webposition.htm) to do this on your own. However, it takes a long time to ask a professional company to help you.

  Link policy

Links made on other websites can bring more traffic. Since Google and other major search engines use the extensive website links as an important factor in ranking reference, the more websites you connect to, the higher your website ranking. At the same time, the quality of links is also an important factor for search engines. Websites with high access traffic have more advantages than websites with low access traffic.

9. Submit the website to the main search directory. Make sure that your website is logged on to the Free Open Directory Project (www.dw..com), which is a site for manual logon review. This hierarchical Directory provides its contents for all major search engines to search. Google places great importance on whether your website has links to such important websites. Yahoo! Is another important retrieval directory. You need to log on to it. This is also done manually, so you need to carefully follow the instructions on the website. Tip: it is better to describe a website with fewer words than the specified maximum. do not limit the number of words to avoid lengthy text descriptions that allow the website reviewer to delete some periods. Currently, commercial websites are logged on to Yahoo! You have to pay $299 each year. It is best to have them log on to your website within seven working days. Other search directories that can be considered for Logon include about.com and business.com.

10. log on to the industry site and professional directory.

Some search directories are located in an industry, such as education or financial industry. If you belong to a trade association, which has many member sites, you can apply to the association's website to join your site, even if you pay, this will bring you many target visitors.

11. Request interchange links.

Search for websites that complement your website content and ask the other party for interchange of links. The most ideal link object is those websites with the same traffic as your website. A website administrator with too many traffic requests to exchange links is easy to ignore. Small websites can also be considered. The link interchange page should be placed in a relatively remote place on the website, so as not to direct your website visitors to others' sites quickly. Find a website with interchangeable links and send a personalized email to the website administrator. If the website administrator does not reply to the website, try again.

12. Post a free article with a site Signature

Write professional articles for news emails (e-newsletters/magazines) from other websites for free. In this article, you can use a short text to describe what you provide and request the other party to link to your website. This is an effective virus marketing method. Your article will be sent out as subscription information for hundreds of users, allowing your website to get hundreds of links at a time.

  Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional online promotion methods are still effective. It is particularly effective to use multiple methods.

13. Print your website on paper, business cards, brochures, and printed documents.

This simple method is sometimes ignored. Make sure that the URL is correctly spelled. We recommend that you omit the http: // part and write only the www.domain.com part.

14. Use traditional media advertisements.

Traditional media advertisements should not be abolished. But whether it's newspaper or magazine ads, make sure your website is displayed. To view the website as a secondary content of the advertisement, remind the user to view more information about the website. Do not ignore advertisements in narrow-positioned magazines or trade journals. Sometimes these advertisements are more accurate, effective, and cheaper than online advertisements. There are other traditional ways to increase website access, such as direct mail, classified advertising, and postcards. TV ads are more suitable for websites that sell popular products. 15. free services are provided.

People like free things. Attracting people to access your website with free information is more effective than simply asking people to access your business. It takes time and effort to create free resources, but it is very effective for increasing access volume. The free content you provide should be very similar to what you sell, so that the visitors you attract may be target potential customers. While providing free services, the website provides multiple links to direct the attention of users who obtain free information to the products you sell.

16. Publish news.

Find news-related events (such as promoting your free services) and publish the news to printed journals and website journals in your industry. You can use some online news publishing services, such as xpresspress (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/xpresspress.htm) or free PR web (www.prweb.com ). Adding your website to the news may increase the popularity of the link.

  Email Policy

Email is an important method to increase access traffic, but the premise is that you cannot send a large number of unauthorized spams.

17. Create a "signature" in your email to contact potential customers.

Most email systems have the signature creation function. The signature automatically appears at the end of each email you send. The signature must be limited to 6-8 lines, including the company name, address, phone number, website address, eail address, and a description of your company.

18. Create a mail list and send news emails (e-newsletters/magazines) to users every month (or every two months ).

This is one of the best ways to maintain contact with customers, establish trust, develop brands, and establish long-term relationships. You can ask website visitors to enter their email addresses to receive your news emails. You must use a group sending server to send emails. For example, gammadyne mailer (batch), infacta groupmail (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/groupmail.htm), topica email publisher (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/topica.htm), or constant contact (batch ).

19. Publish product information, such as coupons, new products, and other promotion information, to the email list users (customers and visitors.

If you personalize the subject and body of the email, the effect will be better. 20. List of emails of the target customers.

When registering with the email list provider's website, these List users agree to receive business mail information of a certain category. Therefore, it is legal and not spam to send your product information to these users.

21. Perform promotions in the email list and newsgroup. (Mixed Policy)

Many people who share a common interest in a professional field discuss and exchange online, forming news groups in thousands of different fields. Find a newsgroup in your own domain (this is to determine the target location), not to publicize your product or service in it, but to leave your e-mail address in the exchange signature. When people gradually understand and trust you, they will visit your website.

22. Use the competition.

You can design a competition on the website. The prize will attract the type of customers you want most, such as designing the prize for your product or purchasing a certain discount. Competitions can effectively attract more visits.

23. Ask the user to add the website to favorites.

24. Exchange advertisements with complementary websites.

Use the website traffic of the other party to obtain new visitors.

25. Create a virus marketing method.

Virus marketing is spread through various communication methods, such as oral communication and news publishing. In this article, 12th promotion methods are virus marketing. The most typical virus marketing method is that email service providers brief their services at the end of each email sent by users. This information is quickly transmitted to new users as the email is sent, the latter may continue to be passed to other new users. Reference: viral marketing ebook (www.wilsonweb.com/ebooks/viral.htm ).

  Paid advertising policy

Paid ads will promote your website more quickly. There are three calculation methods for online advertising prices: Traditional CPM (impression cost per thousand times); PPC (billing by clicks); and actual purchase, there are also membership Alliance billing methods.

26. Purchase short text ads in E-mail news emails.

Select the appropriate email list for the target, and publish short text ads in the News emails (monthly newsletters and e-magazines) sent to this series of users. Compared with other online advertisements, this is often a very effective and low-cost advertising method.

27. Implement membership marketing (Affiliate Program ). A consortium member adds a link to the Alliance's main website on his/her own website. After the link is used for sales, the member will be given a certain Commission. To implement membership marketing, you must consider the following factors: Commission Ratio for Members, develop Alliance programs that suit you, and promote Member alliances for more member links to your website. You can use some member Alliance management software such as my Affiliate Program (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/myaffiliateprogram.htm) or ultimate Affiliate Program (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/groundbreak.htm) to manage your.

28. Search Engine bidding ranking.

Buy a paid click AD (PPC) (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/overture.htm) at overture.com and a keyword AD (adwords) (https://adwords.google.com/select/) at Google ). Your advertisement will appear on the result page under a keyword in many search engines. Because the same keyword is often purchased by multiple advertisers, the ranking is determined based on the bidding price. Bidding ranking is based on the actual clicks of advertising (PPC), and the target positioning is accurate, is a low cost, good advertising method. For PPC strategies, there is an excellent ebook: 21 methods to enhance the Google Keyword advertisement effect (www.wilsonweb.com/afd/pagezero.htm ).

29. Submit the product to the comparative shopping website and the auction site.

Compare your products and prices with similar products on other websites. Froogle (www.froogle.com) launched by Google is currently free to log on. Some of them are paid by click, such as mysimon (www.mysimon.com), bizrate (www.bizrate.com), pricegrabber (www.pricegrabber.com), and dealtime (www.dealtime.com ). There are also some commissions or renewals based on sales. Websites that provide their own products, such as eBay (www.ebay.com) and Yahoo! Shopping Auction (http://auctions.shopping.yahoo.com), Amazon zshops, marketplace, auctions (http://zshops.amazon.com), and Yahoo! Shopping (http://shopping.yahoo.com ).


Of course, there will be more promotion methods. These are just some preliminary promotion methods. To effectively promote the Website, you also need to spend time in practice to find the best method for you.

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