29 excellent Texture Background website designs and texture website Designs

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29 excellent Texture Background website designs and texture website Designs

Texture Design has always been pursued by many people. Today, we recommend 30 websites with outstanding Texture Design, hoping to help your design. I like 14th people, feel at home, and have a three-dimensional effect. I love it!

1. Banger's shares a best UI front-end framework!

2. Big Daddy Weave

3. Jopp

4. Gold Top Cider. Share the best UI front-end framework!

5. The Lost Thing


7. me & oli

8. Hollister Co .. Share the best UI front-end framework!

9. W. Brett Wilson

10. Cookiesound

11. Elaine Fisher

12. Leaders-The Conference

13. Neutral Milk Hotel. Share the best UI front-end framework!

14. Empire Vintage

15. Gangibob

16. Von Dutch

17. These Are Things

18. Adrian Baxter. Share the best UI front-end framework!

19. tabspresso

20. The Peach Design

21. Maryland Craft Beer Festival

22. Thismanslife

23. Colleen Clapp

24. Andy German. Share the best UI front-end framework!

25. Paid to Exist

26. Loysel's Toy

27. Luhse Tea

28. Francesco Mugnai

29. Barriers Omaha 2012. Share the best UI front-end framework!

Ask how this background texture is made on the webpage.

Method 1:
You can regard it as a background and write it as css
Body {background: url (images/bg.png) repeat-x top ;}

Method 2:
Take two background pictures. The figure above is a picture and the black shadow is shown below:
<Body> <div id = "wrap"> </div> </body>
Body {background: url (images/bg.png) repeat-x top ;}
Wrap {background: url (images/bg1.png) repeat-x bottom ;}

Hope to help you

How to Use the ps channel to remove the background color and leave only the texture above, and do not use a white background, it is best to detail, especially the last few steps, thank you

Use PS to open the image and click the channel

Only the most obvious contrast between light and shade is left. The eyes in front are green)

-------- Operation

Press Ctrl + L
Adjust the slider in the image to maximize the brightness and shade of the image without any color.

Click this layer, and the selected dotted line appears. Return to the layer tab,

Select the start Layer

Press Ctrl + j. The new layer is the white area of the fully transparent background.
For example ~ (Stored locally, the background is transparent)

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